RE4 Remake Combination Lock Puzzle Solution (Chief’s Manor Puzzle)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Combination Lock Puzzle (the first Village Chief’s Manor Puzzle)

While you are doing Chapter 2 in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you may have already gotten your way past the Hexagon Puzzle and have reached another one.

This is the first Village Chief’s Manor Puzzle that you can find as there is another one that follows once you have solved this one.

To solve this puzzle, a bit of reading and riddle understanding may be required but it’s nothing too difficult.

How To Solve Combination Lock Puzzle?Interacting with a book sitting on a table to get an answer to the puzzle

You most likely already passed the stairs at this point and hopefully, you took out the villager on your way in as he was sitting in the bathroom.

To find the hint for the Combination Lock Puzzle, you will need to head upstairs and turn right to stop where a book is sitting on a table.

The page book will be open and all you need to do is interact with it as it is opened on the exact page that hints at the answer to the puzzle.

Reading the answers of the puzzle in an order in the book which is found on the table

So obviously it is about a cult of Iluminados and all but the green text is a dead giveaway that these are some hints that need to be taken note of for later.

We have 4 words that have green text, which is swineherd, crop, pig, and babe but only 3 of them matter for some reason.

Pay close attention to the order they are in as well as these are crop, pig, and babe and after you have checked this out, head back to the puzzle.

Combination Lock Puzzle SolutionSelecting the images related to the green text which is the answers of the puzzle

The answer to the puzzle is in the image above and this is because you need to select the images related to the green text from earlier in order.

So we have a crop and the nearest image identical to any kind of crop would be the one in the first wheel while the second one was pig so we set the second wheel to what looks closest to it.

Lastly, we get the word babe and while most would think it would be a baby pig, it’s just the image of a baby so set that for the third wheel and hit confirm to complete the puzzle.

VerdictSolved the Combination Lock Puzzle in RE4 Remake

It turns out that the Iluminados have some sort of belief and it kind of has a hidden meaning that sounds like you need to feed crops to the pig so that it has babies.

This can be similar to something they are doing as they are probably mass producing the parasites that you see growing within them by giving it to more villages, well let you figure that out.

Now that you have solved the Combination Lock Puzzle, it’s time to grab that Crystal Marble to solve the next one but be careful, the dude from the bathroom will still be alive to attack you.

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