RE4 Remake Hexagon Puzzle Location & Reset (Stone Pedestal)

Resident Evil 4 Remake a a puzzle that has 4 Hexagon Pieces placed inside of it

As you progress through Chapter 3 in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will come across a puzzle that has 4 Hexagon Pieces placed inside of it.

It has 3 other pieces that are not missing and if you can make out the image, it appears to look like an image of the lake with Del Lago in it.

Opening this puzzle will allow you to get a treasure hidden inside that can sell for a ton of Pesetas thanks to its high value.

How To Solve Hexagon Puzzle?3 Missing Hexagon Puzzle pieces

The hexagon pieces will be missing and before you can solve the puzzle, you will need to find all 3 of them, which can be done in Chapters 3 and 4 at the earliest.

Once you get all of the Hexagon Pieces, you will need to bring them back to the puzzle and place them so you can rearrange them.

These pieces will be rearranged by rotation 3 selected pieces together, which requires you to choose which sets to rotate.

Properly aligned Hexagon pieces showing a depiction of Del Laga

Once you have aligned all the pieces properly, the image will be clear, showing a depiction of Del Lago and a person panicking in the water.

After you have completed the Hexagon Puzzle, you will be able to grab a Depraved Idol that has a value of 15,000 Pesetas.

Hexagon Puzzle Piece A LocationHexagon Puzzle Piece A location map

The earliest time you can get Hexagon Puzzle Piece A is during Chapter 3 and this can be found just after you pass the Quarry.

Hexagon Piece A can be found in a chest just passing the Quarry

Hexagon Piece A will be located in a chest that can be found near the stairs at The Merchant’s hideout, which is also where the Shooting Range is located.

Hexagon Puzzle Piece B LocationHexagon Puzzle Piece B location map

Hexagon Puzzle Piece B can be found in the Fish Farm which is only a quick run from The Merchant’s hideout but you need to go a bit to the end to get it.

Hexagon Puzzle Piece B can be found inside a chest at the fish farm

Before getting out of the water in the Fish Farm as you approach the processing building, there is a path to the right that will lead you to the back where you can find a chest that has the piece.

Hexagon Puzzle Piece C LocationHexagon Puzzle Piece C location map

Hexagon Piece C is available during Chapter 4 and is not shown on the map even after you find its location but it is definitely in the South Cave Shrine.

Hexagon Puzzle Piece C can be found in a chest at the South Cave Shrine

After solving the Small Cave Puzzle (Stone Dais Puzzle) You will find Hexagon Piece C inside of a case to your right after you have taken the Blasphemer’s Head.

Hexagon Puzzle Reset

In order to reset the puzzle, your best option is to reload the autosave which is most likely when you entered the Lake Jetty area, which will not lose much progress.

Some players may get mixed up after swapping the Hexagon Pieces and may want to start over with the puzzle but this is currently not possible.

Once the Hexagon Pieces have been placed, you will need to continue to swap them until you complete the image or else the puzzle will remain as it is.


At first, most players thought that all Hexagon Pieces could be found during Chapter 3 but it turns out the last piece can only be obtained once you reach Chapter 4.

Completing the Hexagon Puzzle is a great way to get a boost in Pesetas, since 15,000 is good enough for a few weapon upgrades or will help you buy storage slots.

By following your objectives and looting all the areas thoroughly, you will eventually be able to grab all pieces to use with the Hexagon Puzzle.

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