RE4 Remake The Marble Puzzle Solution

If you have reached Chapter 2 and found yourself staring at a door with a round slot in it, congratulations, you have found the Marble Puzzle.

This one may be a bit confusing for most players as there is no hint at all aside from the insignia on the door, oh wait yeah that’s the hint.

To get through this door, you’re going to need to solve this puzzle and this later leads to the end of Chapter 2 after getting an important key item.

How To Solve The Marble Puzzle?Obtaining the Crystal Marble

There is a round slot on the door, which means something needs to be placed in it and if you have not already obtained the Crystal Marble, you’re going to need it.

The Crystal Marble is located downstairs in the Village Chief’s Manner (below where you are standing) and you will need to solve the Combination Lock Puzzle to get it.

Placing the obtained crystal marble in a slot on the door

Assuming that you now have the Crystal Marble or will get it after reading this, you will need to head over to the door with the slot on it and interact with it.

You will need to select the Crystal Marble, which will allow you to place it into the slot and afterward, you need to solve the puzzle.

The puzzle will simply require that you rotate the Crystal Marble while it is slotted into the door but all you get is something that looks like a bunch of pellets.

Marble Puzzle SolutionRotating the pellets to form the symbol like Y

Now, these pellets may seem like nothing but if you rotate them a bit, you can form a symbol in the shape of the letter “Y” which is like the shape of the insignia.

Once you have formed the shape, you will need to rotate it until it aligns with the insignia and once it does, the marble will be locked in place.

After you have aligned the plates, you will now be able to go inside the next room where you can find the Insignia Key.

VerdictEntered the room, which belongs to the Village Chief

Now that you have entered the room, which we presume belongs to the Village Chief, it’s a bit strange that he has a portrait of nasty old Osmund Saddler, the dude you saw after you were injected.

Within the room, there will be different things that you can interact with and we suggest going for the Insignia Key last as it will end the chapter but it doesn’t matter.

After you have obtained the Insignia Key, a cutscene will begin and Chapter 2 ends but don’t worry, you will be starting Chapter 3 in the same room and can continue from there.

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