Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4) Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 Chapter 3

After you’re previously entering the Village Chief’s Manor and obtaining the Insignia Key, you were attacked by Bitores Mendez, who almost killed you.

Luckily, a woman named Ada Wong (not yet revealed in this chapter) saves you from him, which ends up with Mendez walking away.

Now that you have the Insignia Key, it’s time for you to head to the church as you continue your search for Ashley Graham.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 3 WalkthroughGrabbing the Small Key in the corner near the door while making the way back to the Village Square

After having a chat with Hunnigan over the radio, you will now need to exit the Village Chief’s Manor and make your way back towards the Village Square.

Don’t forget to grab the Small Key in the corner near the door as you can use this later on when you return to the Village Square or find any other locked treasures.

Head down the stairs and approach the door to unlock it and leave through the main entrance. If you turn to the right you will hear a wolf whining.

Interacting with the Wolf which was stuck in the bear trap

The wolf will have been caught in one of the bear traps that the villagers had probably set up and will be unable to escape.

If you approach the wolf, you can interact with it to set it free and it will look at you as if it was thanking you for helping it.

Do not kill the wolf because it may play some part later as you progress and it would be just plain mean if you did shoot it. Bad!

Opening the gate in front of the Village Chief’s Manor using the Insignia Key

Use the Insignia Key to open up the gate in front of the Village Chief’s Manor and make your way down the path.

There will be a small shed nearby with a box that might give you 300 Pesetas which you can grab before heading to the Village Square.

Once you reach the gate, you can unlock it and this will provide you access to another path from now on heading to the Village Square.

Noticing a village while walking towards to the Village Square

You will notice a village walking away but things don’t get dicey until you go into the Village Square to approach the Town Hall.

Some of the buildings will have villagers in them and others will be different and have loot inside of them, which you may grab if you feel like it. (This includes one of the locked treasure chests)

As you approach the Town Hall, the damaged windmill we tumble after an explosion and this will block you from reaching it.

A group of Colmillos which has appeared after the collapse of Windmill is trying to attack you

After the windmill collapses, a group of Colmillos will appear (they look like freakishly mutated wolves) and start attacking you.

These seem similar to the zombie dogs in the previous Resident Evil games but are quite vicious but not too hard to kill.

Be sure to avoid getting surrounded and keep moving to avoid getting torn to pieces and once they are dealt with, you can continue making your way to the Town Hall.

Windmill blocking your way on the way to Town Hall

With the destroyed windmill blocking your way, you have two options on how to get to the church, which is going through the house on the right or down the well behind it.

Going down the well is the best option as you can get loot down and it provides a stealthy approach against two villagers when you climb up.

You may check the house though (it will be locked but you can break the lock) to get any loot that you may have missed but watch out for the villager inside.

Standing inside the Town Hall

Once you are near the Town Hall, there will be 2 villagers that will attack you and after dealing with them, proceed by heading to the door.

You will need to use the Insignia Key to open the door and after this, you can go inside the Town Hall and loot a bunch of items.

Be careful when you destroy the box on the left though as there will be a Viper inside that you can kill and later take but it does bite back.

The Merchant selling the Bolt Thrower for a discounted price

After looting the Town Hall, keep making your way outside by exiting through a door at the side and you will be in the presence of The Merchant.

He will be selling the Bolt Thrower for a discounted price of 8,000 Pesetas instead of its usual price and there will be a note nearby that supposedly is meant to convince you to get it.

The TMP will also be up for sale, which is a Submachine Gun that has a high rate of fire and this will cost 10,000 Pesetas.

You can also pick up the Viper Hunter challenge, which is a request that needs you to sell 3 Vipers to The Merchant. (you get a lot later at the Fish Farm)

Standing outside the Church

Once you are done with The Merchant, you can go ahead and save your progress if you feel like it makes your way down the next path.

This will lead you to the church and outside there will be a villager at one of the graves as well as one in a shed to your right.

Just outside of the shed is a treasure and you can shoot it by looking up, which will allow you to get an Emerald.

Noticing a village while walking towards to the Village Square

Head through the gate at the end of the graveyard and a cutscene will begin where Leon tries to get into the church but there is a sturdy gate that requires a sort of key to open it.

He will speak to Hunnigan again and after that, you will need to take the path to the right but before you do this, go to the left side of the church to open a case to get a Red Gemstone Ring.

There will be a gate to the right that you can later unlock but first, you will need to go through the narrow passage next to it.

Standing outside the door which is near to the box with a Velvet Blue

A door will be to your left after a box (that has a Velvet Blue) and you can go inside to loot the area and save your progress since there is a Typewriter inside of it.

Before going inside the room though, you will want to go straight as there will be a chest that contains an Elegant Headdress, and near it is a request (Grave Robber.)

You can also pick up a Resource L next to the chest and climb up the ladder to get your hands on a Flash Grenade that for some reason was left there.

Inside the room with a typewriter. The room which contains a map and a picture of Ashley Graham

Head into the room with a typewriter and you can check out a map nearby as well as a picture of Ashley Graham after being kidnapped.

There will also be a treasure chest nearby that you can open later once you have a Small Key or if you already have one, do as you please.

A trapdoor will be nearby and you will need to go down it and exit through the end to continue making your way to the lake. (don’t forget to turn back to unlock the door to get through quicker)

On the way to the Quarry

You will now be on your way to the Quarry and will have to fight your way to cross it as there will be several villagers in the area.

A small structure will be nearby that has another Viper hidden inside of a box and some Gunpowder inside of a desk.

Fight your way through the villagers until you reach the next area, which appears to be large where mining has taken place. (there will be a huge hammer outside as well but no fight.. for now)

A gate blocking the way to the next area where you can find the Destroy Medallions 2 request

You will need to make a right as a gate will be blocking your way but this leads to the same place and you can find the Destroy Medallions 2 request nearby.

There will be some Handgun Ammo at the side before you leave the area and you will see a flock of crows in an open area. (We tossed a Hand Grenade at them and got a lot of loot)

There will be more Colmillos (wolf things) if you have already forgotten what they were that will try to kill you once you enter the area.

There will also be one of the Blue Medallions for the Destroy Medallions 2 challenges above you, so be sure to take a shot at that.

You can find the Merchant selling some interesting stuffs

Go through the only open gate in the area and you will pass by a locked treasure chest but won’t be able to open it for now.

You will eventually find yourself in one of The Merchant’s hideouts that has a shooting range over to the right and a chest nearby that contains the Hexagon Piece A inside of it. (grab this for later)

After you’re done with The Merchant, feel free to save your game and proceed to go to the left where there will be a door. (you can drop down if you want to get a bit of loot as well)

Standing outside, where you can view the lake and witness something terrifying

Once you are outside, you can approach the area with the Binoculars marker, which will allow you to view the lake and witness something terrifying.

Make your way to the left and there will be a boat at the lake jetty if you drop down to the bottom but it will be out of gas and you will need to climb up the ladder. (don’t forget to loot the area)

A note will be nearby that tells you where you can find gas, which is at the Fish Farm and you can access this from the area that you are in.

One of the Blue Medallions for the Destroy Blue Medallions 2 request can be found under the dock near if you go to the side.

Making the way to the Fish Farm

Make your way to the Fish Farm and you will come across what looks like a swamp and should get ready for a fight as the bridge you are walking on will collapse.

Once this happens, enemies will start going to where you are and this includes a Brute, so you should be careful in this part.

After clearing all the enemies, you can destroy 3 more Blue Medallions in the area and proceed to the far side of the Fish Farm to the processing building.

Making way to the end of the Fish Farm

After fighting off the villagers, continue making your way towards the end where the processing building is, and be careful as there is an explosive trap along the way.

Just below the explosive trap is a passage that leads to Hexagon Piece B which you should get for the next chapter.

Continue making your way to the end of the Fish Farm and you will be able to find the gas for the boat in  the building as well as a treasure (Silver Coin) above.

Found the gas for the boat in the building

Grab the Boat Fuel and start making your way back to the lake jetty where the boat is but you will need to take a different path since the bridge was destroyed.

You might want to loot the area as there are some goodies that you may get and if you are doing the Viper Hunter request, this is a good place to find them. (in the water)

Keep to the right after going up a ladder and you will be able to make your way back to the lake jetty to refuel the boat.

Interacting with the boat to use it

Once you are back at the boat, go ahead and refuel it to proceed and this will allow you to interact with it and give you access to the lake.

Interact with the boat and a cutscene will play where Leon rides it to the center of the lake but unfortunately, it stops working.

This is when the large creature in the lake, known as Del Lago will appear and try to kill you but luckily you can fight back.

Facing Del Lago in the Lake

You will need to face Del Lago or rather, be pulled around by him while throwing what seems to be unlimited harpoons while also trying to survive.

During these boss fights, you will be able to move the boat a bit as Del Lago will be dragging you around and attempting to attack you at times.

Continue throwing harpoons and evading obstacles until Del Lago is defeated and a cutscene will play where Leon passes out, ending Chapter 3.

VerdictSuccessfully defeated the boss Del Lago that ends Chapter 3 in RE4 Remake

The search for Ashley Graham is becoming more difficult for Leon after he was injected with a parasite, which ended up with him coughing blood.

It seems this parasite is killing him from within and he will need to find a solution as soon as possible before it’s too late.

Luckily, you were able to defeat Del Lago in time before passing out or else you would have been given a free meal for it to snack on.

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