How To Get Elegant Mask in RE4 Remake

Elegant Mask Resident Evil 4 Remake

If you are wondering what is inside one of the drawers in the gear room after getting your things back in Chapter 2, it’s the Elegant Mask.

The Elegant Mask is one of the more valuable treasures that you can get in the game as it can later be laid with gemstones.

Obtaining this will require you to come back for it later after venturing into the Valley, where a Small Key must be obtained.

Elegant Mask Location

The Elegant Mask is available starting from Chapter 2 where you first start in the Abandoned Factory without your gear.

You will first encounter the locked drawer when taking back your items and can return to it later when you have the key that opens it.

How To Get Elegant Mask?Elegant Mask in the drawer

At the start of Chapter 2, you will not be able to obtain the Elegant Mask until you have obtained the Small Key for opening the drawer.

This can be obtained by heading to the Valley, where you will have to obtain the Hexagon Emblem by climbing a ladder.

Obtaining the Small Key to open the drawer to get Elegant Mask

You will most likely be climbing through the window on the right but there is also a door on the left side of a building that leads to this room.

Before climbing up the ladder (or after), you may head inside a small room at the end that has a box that can be opened.

This box contains the Small Key needed to open the drawer that has the Elegant Mask, which requires you to head back into the factory.

heading back into the factory to get the Elegant Mask

Since you have already been here before and have unlocked the door, you can head straight inside once you have the Small Key.

Interact with the drawer to open a menu and select the Small Key to open it and you will be able to take the Elegant Mask.

Elegant Mask Price

The Elegant Mask has a value of 5,000 Pesetas when sold to The Merchant but if you inlay gemstones in it, this will increase the price.

With the Elegant Mask Having 3 round gemstone slots, you can maximize the value by adding one of each color.

These will be the Sapphire, Ruby, and Yellow Diamond, which will increase the value to 24,700 Pesetas in total when sold.


The Elegant Mask is one of the more valuable treasures that you can find in the game as its value can later increase by slotting in different gemstones.

It’s best that you add 3 different gemstones into the Elegant Mask for a bonus, making it cost a lot of Pesetas.

There is only one Elegant Mask in Resident Evil 4 Remake and you can only obtain it by opening the drawer in the Abandoned Factory.

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