RE4 Remake SR M1903 (Location, How to Get & Upgrade)

The SR M1903 is a bolt-action rifle that can easily deal high amounts of damage from afar, which allows you to easily kill enemies with headshots.

It has increased penetration power, allowing it to hit multiple enemies with a single shot if they are lined up behind each other.

Resident Evil 4 Remake SR M1903 Rifle

While this weapon may not deal a lot of damage to tougher enemies at first, it can later be upgraded and can even have a Scope attached to it.

SR M1903 Upgrade Stats


Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

Upgrade Cost


2.503.203.904.65.310K / 20K /35K / 50K
Ammo Capacity5.007.0091113

6K / 8K / 10K / 13K

Reload Speed

12.003458K / 10K / 12K / 14K
Rate of Fire0.420.450.480.510.53

10K / 12L / 14K / 16K

Exclusive Upgrade

Increases power of the SR M1903 by 2x


SR M1903 Exclusive Upgrade

The SR M1903 rifle on its own is already powerful and capable of dealing a lot of damage but with its exclusive upgrade, this damage is doubled.

This allows the SR M1903 to have 10.6 power in total, making it almost as powerful as a weaker magnum without upgrades.

With its exclusive upgrade, you can easily pick off enemies from a distance with the SR M1903 and evil gets to take them out with a single shot.

SR M1903 Attachments

The SR M1903 is compatible with multiple scopes, allowing you to enhance your vision when aiming with them depending on which scope has been equipped.

A Scope will allow you to zoom in up to 2x while the High-Power Scope will allow you to zoom in up to 3x more for better shots at a distance.

You may also equip the SR M1903 with the Biosensor Scope, which will provide it with thermal vision, revealing parasites in regenerators when aiming at them.

SR M1903 Location

The SR M1903 Rifle can be obtained during Chapter 2 once you have met The Merchant, who has it on sale in his stocks.

He can be found once you escape with your gear after previously being kidnapped and chained up with Luis Serra.

How To Get SR M1903?Buying the M1903 from The Merchant for 12,000 Pesetas

You can buy the SR M1903 from The Merchant, who sells it for 12,000 Pesetas and this can be done right after he opens a locked door for you once you leave the building.

The Merchant will open the locked door for you and will head over to his stall, where he can be spoken with to make purchases from with Pesetas.

Other items in the merchant shop

The SR M1903 will be available along with other items in his shop, which makes it a bit of a costly purchase since you may not have a lot of Pesetas at the moment.

If you purchase the SR M1903 from The Merchant during the time he sells it while you are at the Abandoned Factory, you can also get the Scope Attachment for free. (Limited Time Offer)

Using the SR M1903

1) SR M1903 Without Scope

M1903 Rifle Without Scope

When aimed, the M1903 gives you a first-person view and the distance is not that far, allowing you to aim from close to medium distances.

This makes the weapon viable for mid-range fights and is a good way to pick off enemies that are getting too close to you or tougher ones that need to be taken out as soon as possible.

2) SR M1903 With Scope

M1903 Rifle With Scope

Equipping a Scope Attachment on the M1903 will allow you to zoom in to shoot enemies from a greater distance than you can without a Scope.

You can zoom in once with the M1903 but this is more than enough during the earlier parts of the game as you won’t be facing enemies from too far away.

SR M1903 Vs Stingray

When comparing the seemingly basic Rifle vs the Sniper Rifle, you may favor the Stingray for its high rate of fire over the M1903.

This may be a benefit to most players but those who have gotten used to the Rifle itself will be able to adjust with highly accurate shots that deal increased damage to weak spots.

The M1903 is capable of being upgraded to have an incredibly high amount of damage when upgraded to its full potential, dealing more damage than the Stingray per shot.

VerdictTesting out M1903 Rifle in Resident Evil 4 Remake

While the M1903 may need some getting used to, it does work as a great way to pick enemies off from a distance, especially when you have the Scope Attachment.

This weapon is also good for dealing large amounts of damage to bosses when you get the chance to pull it out and take a few shots at them.

While the SR M1903 may not seem to be the strongest rifle there is during the earlier parts of the game, it certainly can kill enemies easily once it has been upgraded.

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