RE4 Remake Regenerators (Killing, Weakness & Using Scope)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Regenerators

Regenerators, known as Regeneradors are a type of enemy that are introduced in Chapter 13 and are a huge nuisance and deadly threat to those who are unable to kill them.

These creatures are a result of experimentation that has given them the ability to rapidly regenerate damaged parts of their body, including their head.

While these creatures seem to be unkillable, there is a way that you can take them down, which requires a bit of accuracy and observation.

Regenerator Characteristics

A Regenerator does not use any weapons but has long arms with sharp nails at the end of its fingers and will attempt to grab you and bite you whenever it can.

Regenerators will recover limbs that have been damaged in mere seconds which makes it difficult to kill them and a lot of ammo can be wasted.

Even when they are down, they will attempt to attack you by lunging toward you and will eventually stand up once they recover.

Regenerator WeaknessLoen shooting Regenerator parasites in the body

Regenerators may regenerate quickly but they can only do this if the parasites in their bodies exit and once these have been destroyed, they will die.

A great way to see the body parts early on is to shoot them, which will remove chunks of your body and you will see their weak spots.

Shooting the weak spots and destroying them will also stagger the Regenerator for a little bit, allowing you to aim for the next one. (They usually have 3 weak spots that need to be destroyed)

Use a Biosensor ScopeLeon using Biosensor Scope to see parasites in the body of a Regenerator

After running into a few Regenerators, you will eventually need to make your way to the Incubation Lab, which is where you can get a Bionsensor Scope.

The Biosensor Scope is an attachment that can help you see enemies via thermal vision and this will also clearly show the parasites inside of a Regenerator.

Using this scope with a compatible weapon such as the Stingray Sniper Rifle or the LE 5 Submachine Gun will allow you to quickly kill a Regenerator by targeting the parasites.

VerdictLeon stabbing Regenerator

Regenerators are relentless and this can cause Leon a lot of trouble, which makes it important to get the Biosensor Scope as soon as you can.

These enemies are slow though and you can use this to your advantage at certain times but getting cornered can put you in a lot of danger.

Keep in mind that once a Regenerator grabs you, it can be stabbed but this will not kill it because only destroying its parasites can put the creature down for good.

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