RE4 Remake Saddler Boss (Fight, Strategy & Weakness)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Saddler boss

Finally reaching the summit, Leon and Ashley chase after Saddler and find Ada who has been captured, who Leon sets free.

Saddler arrives to attack Leon but is later saved by Ada who has just gained consciousness but Saddler begins to mutate into a treacherous creature.

Now, Leon must fight Saddler and stop the Plagas once and for all before Saddler can make an escape and continue his evil-doing elsewhere.

Who is Saddler Boss?

Saddler is the leader of the Los Iluminados and controls everything but once he is defeated all of those who are infected will no longer be able to function.

He seems unaffected by regular weapons but later changes into his final form, exposing his weak spots and also becoming a large creature.

This creature is capable of attacking with tentacle-like limbs and can jump large lengths while also being able to spit out a corrosive bile-like substance.

How To Kill Saddler?Leon shooting Saddler in his weak spots

Once the fight with Saddler begins, he will come at you with everything that he has, which includes charging at you, sending out tendrils, and releasing his puke on you.

The only way to deal a good amount of damage to Saddler is to aim for his weak spots, which are the eyes that can be seen on his limbs.

Doing enough damage to one of the eyes will stagger him and once you have destroyed all eyes that are present, he will be knocked out.

Leon staggered Saddler

After you have staggered Saddler, he will fall to the ground for a short period and can be attacked as he will be vulnerable.

This gives you the chance to either target the eye in his mouth by shooting at it or approaching to do a melee attack, which results in Leon stabbing Saddler’s eye.

This will need to be done multiple times, which includes relocating after Saddler gains an eye on each limb because he starts with 2 in the beginning and later has 4.

Saddler jumps away from time to time on a platform

Saddler will jump away from time to time on a platform and you will need to shoot him from afar or deal with the insects that he sends to attack you.

After he jumps back to the platform that you are on, you can continue attacking him normally again, aiming for his weak spots and striking him when he’s knocked down.

This will go on until you have done enough damage to him and he later falls off of the platform but jumps back again and knocks Leon back.

Leon shooting Saddler Plaga parasite which is attached inside of it

Saddler will mutate again and your only option will be to shoot at the large orb-like mass that has a Plaga parasite attached to Saddler inside of it.

This will go on until enough time has lapsed or until you have done enough damage but during this phase you will also need to dodge some of his attacks.

Saddler will either attack you with a frontal attack which requires you to move out of the way or with a sweep attack, requiring you to press the prompt button to evade.

Leon shooting Saddler with a special Rocket Launcher

Once the phase has continued for a while, Ada will appear and toss you a Special Rocket Launcher and tell you to use it.

This requires you to aim the Special Rocket Launcher at the orb with the Saddler inside, which will deal the final blow to him.

After shooting him with the Special Rocket Launcher, a cutscene will begin where Saddler begins to melt and Leon rushes in to stab the creature with his scepter.

Saddler will now be defeated and Ada will offer him a ride but Leon chooses to escape The Island with Ashley, which requires they head to a jet ski and ride off later on.

Strategy to Kill SaddlerLeon uses his strategy to kill Saddler

Saddler may be big and dangerous but his weak spots make him vulnerable enough for Leon to dish out some serious damage.

You should aim for the eyes on each limb, focusing on one at a time to knock him down to deal a powerful blow either by melee or using a magnum.

Continue doing this until Saddler is finally dead and the boss fight will be over quickly but you must also be sure to watch out for his attacks as they can deal a lot of damage. 

Saddler Treasure

Killing Saddler does not seem to give off any treasure as the scene is cut with Leon and Ashley making a quick escape.

Saddler SecretSaddler boss

Saddler was an outsider to the region and sought out the Plagas parasite as a way to create military weaponry to gain financial power but later on decided to create his cult and aim for more.

He was able to gain influence after converting Ramon Salazar, the betrayer of the family that had been preventing people from finding the Plagas for centuries.

It is unknown how Saddler discovered the Plagas but eventually he came out on top of all of it being the leader of a large cult capable of spreading their infection anywhere.


This may be one of the more intense fights in the game and you will have a chance to sell your treasures and tune up what you can before fighting Saddler.

It is best that you aim for his weak spots as anything else will barely do any damage to Saddler, which will eventually cause you to run out of ammo and get killed.

Once the fight with Saddler is done, Leon and Ashley will finally be able to escape The Island, if they can make it out in time that is.

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