RE4 Remake The Wandering Dead Guide

While making your way through the Cargo Depot, you find a request about a strange corpse that has been wandering around.

This is most likely one of the experiments that went on in the labs nearby and it looks like someone is uncomfortable with the creature’s presence.

You will need to head over to the specified location and see what is wandering the area as well as put an end to its existence.

Leon finds The Wandering Dead Request while making way through the Cargo Depot in Resident Evil 4 Remake

How To Get The Wandering Dead Request?Leon finds The Wandering Dead request after destroying the wall in the Cargo Depot

You can find the Wandering Dead request after the part where you destroy the damaged wall in the Cargo Depot, thanks to Ashley that is.

It can be found once the wall is destroyed and you enter the area but before going any further, take a left and you will find the request on top of some materials.

Where To Find The Wandering Dead?A variant of Regenerator is lurking around the Incubation Lab

The Wandering Dead which is later to be revealed to be an Iron Maiden (a variant of Regenerator) can be found lurking around the Incubation Lab.

This means you need to head back inside, which can be done by going through a door that you can now unlock once you have destroyed the wall.

How To Complete The Wandering Dead Request?Iron Maiden (A variant of Regenerator) is standing inside the lab

Once you reach the lab, the Iron Maiden will be standing in the area doing nothing until you attack it and this will give you time to plan out how you fight it.

The Iron Maiden will be different from the other ones you have faced as it will be stronger and may continuously attack you even from afar.

Keep in mind that there are observation windows that you can vault over, which will be a good way to get around the area and slow down the Iron Maiden.

Leon using a Biosensor Scope to shoot Iron Maiden

Before you start, be sure to equip a Biosensor Scope so you can see where the parasites in the Iron Maiden are located because these need to be destroyed.

The only way for you to kill the Iron Maiden will be to destroy all of the parasites in its body but this can be hard if it gets close to you.

Once all of the parasites in the Iron Maiden have been destroyed, it will begin to go crazy and shortly after, it will explode, which completes the request.

The Wandering Dead Request Rewards

After you have successfully killed the Iron Maiden, the Wandering Dead request can be turned in at The Merchant and you will be rewarded with 8 Spinels.


Before you attempt to take on the Iron Maiden for the Wandering Dead request, be sure to prepare the weapons that you will be using.

Keep in mind that it will have twice as many parasites as a regular Iron Maiden and this will require you to use weapons that can penetrate its skin.

Using a rifle is a good choice, especially if you can equip it with the Biosensor Scope but using a LE 5 Submachine Gun is also a fine choice.

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