RE4 Remake A Savage Mutt Guide

In Chapter 5, you will come across a request that mentions a wild dog that has been roaming the village, which is different from the usual ones.

It appears that they are referring to the Colmillos but this one is believed to be different, so you can expect to be facing a tougher creature.

Resident Evil 4 Remake A Savage Mutt request in chapter 4

This request will take you back to the Village Chief’s Manor and set you on a hunt for the wild creature that needs to be killed.

How To Get A Savage Mutt Request?Leon found A Savage Mutt request near The Merchant on the left of the door of the church

A Savage Mutt request becomes available after you have rescued Ashley in the church and have escaped the villagers that come after you.

It can be found near The Merchant on the left of the door of the church, which you go through to get back to the Village Square.

Where To Find A Savage Mutt?A Savage Mutt request location (behind a gate leading to the Village Square)

A Savage Mutt, also known as a Colmillos, can be found near the Village Chief’s Manor but once you go inside it will not be there.

It will appear after you have visited the Village Chief’s Manor and have exited, where it will be behind a gate leading to the Village Square.

How To Complete A Savage Mutt Request?A Savage Mutt is visible from outside of outside of the Village Chief’s Manor gate that leads to the Village Square

After obtaining the request, you will need to go inside the Village Chief’s Manor and this will cause A Savage Mutt to appear outside.

Head outside of the Village Chief’s Manor and approach the gate that leads back to the Village Square and you will see A Savage Mutt on the other side.

It will run away and will head to the Village Square and this is where you will need to chase after it and fight it once you arrive there.

A Savage Mutt is attacking Leon in the Village Square

Once you reach the Village Square, A Savage Mutt will attack you but this one will be larger than the other Colmillos that you will have encountered.

It will have a parasite growing out of its back and can stab you from a distance, which means you need to keep away from it if possible.

Target the parasite on its back to deal more damage to it and knock it down so that you can take the opportunity to do a melee attack.

Leon knocked down a creature with the parasite

When the creature gets knocked down, you should approach it and stab it with your knife or just continue unloading bullets at it.

Eventually the creature will die after you have dealt enough damage, which will in turn complete the Savage Mutt request.

A Savage Mutt Request Rewards

Killing, A Savage Mutt (Colmillos) will allow you to loot an Alexandrite gemstone that it drops and later, you will get 8 Spinels as a reward from The Merchant.


Before hunting down A Savage Mutt, be sure to clear out the villagers that are in the Village Square to give yourself space to fight the creature.

It is best to aim for its parasite to deal more damage to it as well as knock it down to allow you to damage it freely.

Watch out for the creature’s attacks as it can also knock down Ashley and if this is followed with another attack it may kill her.

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