RE4 Remake More Pest Control Rat Locations (Grand Hall)

Resident 4 Remake More Pest Control Request (Grand Hall, Library)

Upon reaching the castle, you will later find out that there is another rat problem and it looks like someone is getting fed up.

They claim that the rats have been seen and are chewing away at the books, which would probably mean that they are in the library.

It turns out though that not all can be found in the library and some are just lurking around in the other rooms.

How To Get More Pest Control Request?Leon finds More Pest Control request at the back of the Grand Hall next to a door

The More Pest Control request can be found near the right of the 3-headed statue at the back of the Grand Hall next to a door.

You will most likely spot this once you check around the area or when you come across the 3-headed statue for the first time.

How To Complete More Pest Control?

The rats can be seen running around the place from time to time and they are not limited to only the Grand Hall and Library.

You may also hear rats squeaking when they are nearby as they will attempt to run away if you get too close to them.

To complete this request, you will need to search the area for rats and will have to kill them with either a gun or by using your knife.

All Rat Locations in the Grand Hall

1) Inside the Dining Hall

Rat location inside the Dining Hall

A rat can be found inside the Dining Hall and you may spot it right away once you enter through the door as it will be running near the corner.

2) Hall Leading to Armory

Rat location hall leading to Armory

After fighting the knights in the Armory, you will be making your way back to the Grand Hall and along the way, you will find one of the rats.

3) Hall Leading to Mausoleum

Rat location hall leading to Mausoleum

As you make your way to the Mausoleum, which will be in Chapter 10 because this becomes accessible by Leon, a rat can be seen running in the hall.

More Pest Control Request Rewards

Killing, 3 rats in total will complete the More Pest Control request, which will reward you later with 3 Spinels when you speak to The Merchant.


It is no surprise that an infestation could occur in the castle as the place looks pretty abandoned, except for the maniacal cult members there.

The request information can be a bit misleading, so it’s best to avoid searching the library over and over again since they are not there.

While the reward is only 3 Spinels for this request, it’s a bit easy and you will most likely run into the rats as you progress through chapters 9 and 10.

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