RE4 Remake Even More Pest Control Rat Locations (Waste Disposal)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Even More Pest Control in the Waste Disposal

Even in such a dirty place as the Waste Disposal area, rats can be a huge problem as if all the other trash in the area was not bad enough.

Someone who works there is disgusted with the sight of all the tiny terrors lurking about and wants them to be taken care of.

You will need to head to the Waste Disposal area and search for 4 of these rats so that you can exterminate them.

How To Get Even More Pest Control Request?Leon founds the More Pest Control Request in the Waste Disposal area near by the Merchant

Even More Pest Control can be found near the Waste Disposal area, which is located nearby The Merchant in the area.

It can be found near one of the destroyable barrels on top of a machine in the corner of the room where The Merchant is present.

How To Complete Even More Pest Control?

To complete Even More Pest Control, you will need to head into the Waste Disposal area and locate 4 rats that you will then need to kill.

These rats can either be shot or killed with your knife and once all 4 of them have been taken care of, you can get the reward from The Merchant.

All Rat Locations Near The Waste Disposal Area

You can find all of the rats roaming around the Waste Disposal area where 1 can be found before the bridge and another 3 beyond it.

1) Near the Entrance to Waste Disposal

Rat location near the entrance to Waste Disposal

While you make your way toward the Waste Disposal area, you will be able to see one of the rats just past the entrance. (Image is shot behind bars since this was found by us last)

2) Near the Trash Across the Bridge

Rat location near the trash across the bridge

Just after you cross the bridge that is being held up by Ashley, one of the rats can be seen in the first trash area around the corner.

3) Near the Lever on the Other Side of the Bridge

Rat location near the lever on the other side of the bridge

Another rat is located at the very end of the second bridge near the lever with a screen and can be seen running around some of the trash.

4) Near the Trash Close to the Bars

Rat location near the trash close to the bars

Right after killing the rat near the screen, another rat can be found in the area where the bars are just to the left of Ashley, who is holding up the bridge.

Even More Pest Control Rewards

Killing all 4 of the rats located within the Waste Disposal area will get you a reward of 4 Spinels from The Merchant once you speak to him again.


The Waste Disposal area is not that big but there are a lot of spots where the rats may run around and sometimes they are not that obvious.

It is best to search for the first rat along the long entrance going to the Waste Disposal area before searching for the other 3 rats.

You can easily find the other 3 rats by running around the area past the bridge, where you can detect the by hearing their squeaking.

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