RE4 Remake Wrench Location

The Wrench is a tool that is required to upgrade your Keycard access later when you are on The Island as a panel is blocking the switch.

Finding the wrench will not be as simple as picking it up in a locked room or opening a storage container to get one but it is rather disgusting.

You will be able to get the Wrench once you are in Chapter 13 and this will also put you up against a Regenerator or even more.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Wrench (Hand Tool)

Wrench HintCase file that reports the escape of one of the regenerators

There is a case file that reports the escape of one of the Regenerators and claims that 7 people have been killed and 19 wounded.

One of the bodies and a “tool” was unable to be recovered, which hints that probably a mechanic with the Wrench had been eaten.

This is a good clue that the Wrench may be on one of the Regenerators but the question is, which one could it probably be and where it may be found?

Wrench LocationWrench location in the Incubation Lab

The Wrench can be found in the Incubation Lab, which becomes accessible once you have already upgraded your Keycard clearance to level 2.

Within the Incubation Lab, you can also find the Biosensor Scope, which is key to figuring out where the Wrench is.

Beware that there are 4 sleeping Regenerators within the Incubation Lab and these will wake up if you attack them.

How To Get Wrench?The Wrench found inside a regenerator

The Wrench is not located on any surface but is rather inside one of the Regenerators in the Incubation Lab, which is probably because it swallowed it.

You can figure out which Regenerator has the Wrench by using the Biosensor Scope, which will show the Wrench inside its body.

To get the Wrench out of the Regenerator, you will have to kill the creature but this is easy since you have the Biosensor Scope now.

Wrench UsesLoosening a bolt of the panel using the Wrench

The Wrench is a key item that needs to be used when upgrading the access of your Keycard to level 3, which requires you to remove a panel.

Once you find the panel, you will be able to use the Wrench to loosen a bolt that allows you to activate the overwrite machine.

Without the Wrench, you will not be able to increase the Keycard authorization to level 3, which is needed to open the cell Ashley is being kept in.


Obtaining the Wrench can be difficult if you do not go for the Biosensor Scope first since this will have you running all over the place looking for it.

Keep in mind that all the Regenerators in the Incubation Lab can come to life and it would be best to only wake them one by one if you want to kill them.

It is a bit creepy that a Regenerator had killed one of the workers and they were unable to recover the body, which could mean that the creature likes to snack on people.

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