RE4 Remake Mutated Krauser Boss (Fight, Strategy, Knife)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Mutated Krauser

While in pursuit of Ashley, who has been controlled by Osmund Saddler, Leon fights his way to get to her with Krauser hindering him with every step.

Krauser reveals his mutated form and Leon must now confront him one on one to fight to the death before he can get to Ashley.

Leon’s former trainer is no longer himself and he now realizes that it is time to put an end to Jack Krauser for the last time.

Who is Mutated Krauser Boss?

Mutated Krauser is the final form that Jack Krauser has and it has been revealed that he has been injected with the advanced Plaga, allowing him to use its strength while retaining his mind.

His mutated form features a long biological blade for his left hand and his right arm has been enlarged to the point where it can hold Leon’s head with one grab.

Jack Krauser is now full of vengeance and will stop at nothing until Leon has been killed, which he will do until his final breath.

How To Kill Mutated Krauser?Leon shooting Mutated Krauser

While Mutated Krauser has been enhanced, this has not made him completely invulnerable but he does use his new limbs as weapons and shields to block Leon’s attacks.

Leon will be able to make certain shots at Mutated Krauser but must also be careful not to get hit by the biological blade or grabbed by the large hand.

Certain parts of Mutated Krauser’s body will be exposed when he moves around or attacks, which is a good opportunity for Leon to shoot him.

Mutated Krauser’s attacks can be blocked with a knife or dodged, making this a key to getting the upper hand when fighting him.

Leon is creating continues damage to Mutated Krauser

Mutated Krauser can dash at Leon and also do powerful attacks, so it’s important to time your blocking and also be ready to dodge when prompted.

After certain attacks you can deal a few hits to him, allowing you to stagger him for a bit to do a melee attack or shoot him with your guns.

You will need to continue doing damage to Mutated Krauser while avoiding getting killed until he has taken enough damage to end the fight.

Strategy to Kill Mutated KrauserLoen shooting Mutated Krauser on his legs to stager him

You can easily stagger Mutated Krauser by shooting him in the legs and the use of any kind of magnum can be used afterward to deal a lot of damage to him as he retains his human weaknesses.

Fighting Mutated Krauser on top of the platform will give him less space to move, making it easier for you to hit him in the end.

After you have staggered Mutated Krauser, you can pull out a magnum and start blasting away at his head or chest to deal a lot of damage.

Mutated Krauser Treasure

After Mutated Krauser has been killed, a cutscene will play where Leon kills him with the Fighting Knife, a superior knife to the Combat Knife.

Once the cutscene is over, Leon will keep the Fighting Knife, which is larger and more powerful than the Combat Knife.

Mutated Krauser SecretKrauser drops his knife after he dies

The knife that Mutated Krauser drops when he dies is the one he used back when his squad was alive and in the end he wanted Leon to finish him off using the same knife.

Mutated Krauser knew at this point that things were over and would have been more satisfied if Leon was the one to put him out of his misery.


Mutated Krauser is a powerful opponent but the Plaga mutation he has did not give him a lot of protection and instead focused on more strength.

This gives Leon the upper hand since he is agile and accurate, allowing him to weaken Mutated Krauser by aiming for his vulnerable spots.

In the end, Mutated Krauser was no match for Leon due to the different goals that they both had, with Leon’s goal being more righteous and Krauser’s more on vengeance and hunger.

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