RE4 Remake Krauser Boss (Fight, Strategy & Secret)

After leaving an elevator in Chapter 11, Leon and Luis continue making their way to find Ashley but they are interrupted once a knife is thrown at Luis’ back.

An assailant is a man known as Jack Krauser, who was with Leon during his training and has been hired to obtain samples of the Plaga parasite.

Krauser begins to attack Leon after Luis drops to the ground, which results in him and Leon engaging in a one-on-one knife battle.

Who is Jack Krauser Boss?

Jack Krauser used to fight alongside Leon when he was a soldier working for the United States but later became a supporter of Albert Wesker of Umbrella.

He turned from good to bad and has now become a nemesis to Leon, kidnapping Ashley and killing Luis are only some of the evil deeds he has done.

Krauser is a very skilled soldier and has undergone training with Leon, making him capable of predicting most of the things Leon would do in a fight.

How To Defeat Krauser?Fighting with Krauser using a Knife

During the fight, you will only be able to use your knife to combat Krauser and at the beginning, there will be an extra one nearby that you can grab from a wooden beam.

You will need to block Krauser’s attacks while also defending yourself from him but this can be a bit challenging since you will need timing.

Krauser will attack you with his knife and often try to kick you, which requires you to parry with different buttons depending on which attack he does.

During the fight, you will not be able to equip any other weapons and will only be using a knife but you can still use items to heal Leon.

Performing melee attack on Krauser

Blocking Krauser multiple times will leave an opening where Leon can perform a melee attack, which is to kick his enemy back to gain the upper hand.

Krauser will attempt to initiate grab attacks as well as may jump behind you to attack you but you can use a quick turn to face him or simply run and turn around.

This will go on until you have damaged Krauser enough and a cutscene will begin where he almost kills you but Luis saves you before passing away.

Strategy to Kill KrauserLeon slashing Krauser

The goal in fighting Krauser is not to only defend yourself from his attacks as this will end up with you destroying all your knives.

You will need to take the offensive and move closer to him while pairing his attacks, slashing and stabbing him in the process.

Slashing him is a bit slow and it’s best to move forward and do quick jabs at him with your knife while aiming at his head.

Eventually, after blocking and continuously damaging him, the fight will be over sooner than you would expect and Krauser will escape.

Krauser Treasure

During the fight, Krauser almost kills Leon but Luis manages to save him by shooting his knife and Krauser escapes afterward.

Since Krauser does not die in this fight, there is no treasure dropped and the chapter will simply be finished after a cutscene where Luis dies.

Krauser SecretCloser look of Krauser boss

While fighting with Leon, Krauser continuously mentions Operation Javier, which was a mission that he and Leon were sent on to prevent the spread of the T-Virus.

Krauser was badly damaged during the mission, resulting in the permanent injury of his arm, which resulted in him being taken out of active commission.

He later faked his death and searched for Albert Wesker, believing that he was the only person who could help him gain the power that he desired.


Krauser is very quick and can kill Leon if his attacks are not blocked but he is somewhat slow at times and can easily be attacked by Leon, especially after his attacks have been parried.

While the two of them engage in a knife fight, Krauser resorts to dirty tricks such as jumping behind Leon or throwing a knife at him during the fight, which makes it important to stay close.

This will not be the last encounter you have with Krauser as he is still on his mission and will most likely run into Leon later on.

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