RE4 Remake Verdugo Boss (Fight, Strategy, Treasure & Secret)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Verdugo boss

After previously being dropped in a pit and escaping into the Underground Laboratory, Leon finds himself looking for a way to make his way to the surface.

While he makes his way to turn on the generator to turn on the elevator, something starts to track him and rushes towards him fast.

It is later revealed that it is the Verdugo, the large enemy cloaked in red that kidnapped Ashley but this time it’s after Leon and shows its true form.

Who is Verdugo Boss?

The Verdugo, which is Spanish for Executioner, is a creature that was created through experimenting with the DNA of humans and insects that is controlled by a Plaga parasite.

These were creatures that were seen as Salazar’s bodyguards in the original Resident Evil 4 game but in the remake, you only encounter one of them.

It is extremely fast and powerful, towering over humans and having a large body with claws and a sharp tail that is capable of impaling its prey.

How To Kill Verdugo?Firing at Verdugo boss

The Verdugo’s body is completely made of carapace and is resistant to most of Leon’s weapons but it seems explosive weapons too need to be fired with several shots.

It’s only weak spot is its head, which appears to still have some traces of human genetics, making that the only part that bleeds when it is shot.

Shooting it in the head enough times can cause it to stagger for a bit but this enemy is resilient and will keep coming at Leon.

Shooting Verdugo at the head more times to make it unstable

Certain parts of the Underground Laboratory have Liquid Nitrogen Showers, which are mentioned to be extremely hazardous, capable of causing blindness, frostbite, or death.

These can be seen with a green light near them and you can activate them while luring the Verdugo to become slowed, staggered, and easier to hit.

From this point, you can do a melee attack or attempt to deal as much damage as you can, which is mainly by shooting it in the head.

Leon shooting at Verdugo continues

Eventually, after dealing enough damage by shooting it several times in the head, Verdugo can be killed, which will unlock the Wave Goodbye, Right Hand achievement.

This will have a toll on you as you may consume a lot of ammo if you miss shooting it in the head often but you also get a treasure from it when it is killed.

Strategy to Kill VerdugoCreating a lot of damage to Verdugo by using a shotgun or magnum

While the Verdugo is very powerful, it can still be killed if you have the right strategy to deal with it, which is to keep your distance and take shots when you can.

It is best to keep your distance from the Verdugo and always aim for the head, which is the best way to damage this boss.

You should run to the Liquid Nitrogen Showers to activate them as these will damage the Verdugo and cause him to become staggered.

This will help you deal a lot of damage to him and it’s best that you use a magnum or shotgun when you have the chance to shoot its head.

Keep shooting it and running away until it is dead, which is best done in smaller rooms as it has to turn, giving you some time to take a few shots.

How To Escape from Verdugo?This elevator can be used to escape from this beast if impossible to kill him

The Verdugo seems almost impossible to kill but after you have turned on the power in the Underground Laboratory, the elevator will be making its way down.

If you prefer not to fight the Verdugo, you can head straight to the elevator and use it to escape, leaving the Verdugo in the lab.

This will not yield any rewards, which are the achievement being unlocked, the treasure it drops as well as the satisfaction of killing another boss.

Verdugo Treasure

Once you have killed the Verdugo, it will drop a Gold Monocle, which is a treasure that can be sold to The Merchant for 30,000 Pesetas.

Verdugo SecretThe red cloak Verdugo in RE4 Remake

In Resident Evil 4 (original game), there were 2 Verdugo’s that would always be around Ramon Salazar to protect him. (One with a red cloak another with a black cloak)

The Verdugo in the black cloak is not seen in Resident Evil 4 Remake, which makes players wonder where it may have gone as you only fight the red one.


It seems impossible to kill the Verdugo at some point but if you have stocked up on items to heal yourself and have a lot of ammo, this is possible.

It’s very important to aim for its head or else you won’t have much of a chance to kill it and using the Liquid Nitrogen Showers is key to getting a lot of shots in.

You do have the choice to face Verdugo or wait it out until the elevator arrives but neither of these affect the story further.

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