RE4 Remake Two Garradors (Fight, Strategy, Treasure & Secret)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Twin Garrador Boss

Leon is in pursuit of Ashley after she had been kidnapped; he gets a tip from Ada that she is being taken somewhere, which leads you to head for the Throne Room.

As you make your way for the Throne Room though, you stumble upon the Antechamber, which is where the Double Garradors and some cultists will be.

You will need to fight off both of the Garradors (Garrador and Armored Garrador) to get the Unicorn Horn key items from each of them to open up a nearby gate.

Who Are Double Garradors?

The Twin Garradors or Double Garradors are a set of 2 Garrador enemies where one is the regular variant and another is the Armored Garrador variant.

Both of these enemies will be chained up in the Antechamber and cultists will be nearby ready to attack you after you enter the room.

The Double Garradors will begin to attack you once they hear a loud sound, such as a gunshot that you are forced to fire when the cultists attack you.

How To Kill Double Garradors?Shooting Twin Garrador by aiming at their Parasites which is at the back of them

If you recall the previous Garrador that you faced, it will be similar to that fight except this time, there will be a seemingly unlimited amount of cultists that arrive to attack you.

You will need to fight both of the Garradors at the same time but aiming for one before the other is your best shot in killing them.

Both of them can be killed easily if you target the parasites on their back and with enough damage, they will be killed.

Strategy to Kill the Double GarradorsUsing strategy to kill the double Garradors

A good strategy would be to take out the cultists only when necessary as they will be a hindrance in the fight against the Double Garradors.

If you make sounds or run around them and sneak away, the Garradors will attack them, buying you time to relocate to a different part of the room.

Once the Garradors are attacking the cultists, you can take the opportunity and shoot the parasites on their backs.

Shooting bells located in the Antechamber to attract two Garradors

There will be bells located in the Antechamber and you can strike these with your knife or shoot them to create a loud noise.

This will attract both of the Garradors and they will charge to it, ignoring everything else in their way until they destroy the bell.

This will give you a chance to take a shot at their back, which is best done with a magnum as it can kill them with one hit.

Once you deal enough damage to a Garrador it will be killed and you clearing out the remaining cultists will stop them from appearing again.

Double Garradors Treasure

Each of the Twin Garradors will drop a Unicorn Horn, which is a key item needed to open up the gate at the back of the Antechamber.

This will allow you to proceed to the Throne Room but before you proceed, it would be good to loot the place for items as you will later be thrown down a pit.

Double Garradors SecretMaking sounds to trick the twin Garrador

Garradors are blind and they rely on their senses, which will allow you to trick them into attacking the cultists to lessen their numbers.

This can be done by making a sound and causing the Garrador to run towards you but if a cultist is in the way, the Garrador will attack them instead.

The Garradors can damage each other but in the end, it’s best to use this to get rid of the cultists and to give yourself a good shot at their backs.


The Twin Garradors can be tough if you do not aim for the parasites on their backs and this can lead to you running out of ammo and getting killed.

It’s best to deal with any nearby cultists if you are surrounded and focus on one Garrador at a time but they are both weak in the back so any can be killed first.

A magnum is the best choice of weapon for this fight as a single shot can take down a Garrador, which makes it easy to kill them after they are distracted.

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