RE4 Remake Garrador Boss (Fight, Strategy, Treasure & Secret)

Garrador is a boss that you encounter during Chapter 7 as you and Ashley are making your way into the castle until Leon falls into a hole.

Upon shining his light on something he hears behind him, he gets a glimpse of the Garrador, a blind and vicious enemy that is chained up.

Leon notices that the enemy can’t see but has extremely good hearing and has to escape but finds himself trapped, having to fight the Garrador.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Garrador Boss

Who is Garrador Boss?

The Garrador is a result of human experimentation that aimed to provide physical enhancement with the use of the Plaga parasite

This experiment proved to provide an incredible physical prowess but turned the Garrador into an aggressive creature that would attack anything on sight.

Due to its nature, its eyes were sown to prevent it from seeing but it eventually gained heightened senses, making it rely mostly on its hearing.

How To Kill Garrador?Shooting the Garrador

The Garrador is almost completely invulnerable due to its physique but it has one weakness that needs to be exploited and this is the parasite exposed on its back.

This is its weak spot and needs to be fired at to deal a lot of damage to it, or else it will just charge at you after hearing a shot.

Shooting the Garrador up close is useless as it is armored and capable of withstanding shots to other parts of its body.

Strategy to Kill GarradorSneaking around the Garrador

The Garrador cannot see you and this gives you an advantage but don’t you even dare run towards the crank near the gate to try to open it because this will get you killed.

What you need to do is sneak around the Garrador until you get a good angle to fire at the parasite on its back, which will deal damage and cause it to flip out for a short duration.

This will give you enough time to relocate while sneaking to avoid it from attacking blindly in whichever direction it heard you fire from.

Tossing a grenade near it is also a good way to damage it because it will hear the grenade and chase after it only to get damaged by the explosion.

The best way to kill Garrador is to shoot its back with a powerful weapon such as the Broken Butterfly, which becomes available in the chapter.

If you do not have the Broken Butterfly yet, using an upgraded shotgun or rifle will do the trick but this may take more time and you can get damaged.

Be sure to avoid the hanging chains when you are sneaking around because the Garrador will hear you and charge in your direction.

Garrador Treasure

Killing, the Garrador will cause it to drop a Red Beryl, one of the most expensive rectangular gemstones you can find in the game that can be inserted into treasures.

Garrador SecretCrouched & walking to another part of the room to hide from the Garrador

The Garrador can easily lose track of you even after hearing where you fired from by quickly running to another location while crouching.

Once you are crouched, walk to another part of the room and it will start to listen again for traces of you, this can be done over and over again until you kill it.

The Garrador makes another appearance in a later chapter and can be tricked to kill other enemies before you kill it by running around them and sneaking away.

Where To Go After Killing Garrador?

After you have killed the Garrador, you can exit the area by using the nearby crank to open up a gate leaving the cellar.

You will need to follow the way out of the area, which leads you to one of the doors back to where Ashley is waiting for you.


When fighting the Garrador, it’s best to do this strategically as going in guns blazing will get your head sliced off in seconds.

This boss is an easy one to kill if you have the Broken Butterfly and can be dispatched within one or two hits to the parasite on its back.

Though this boss is blind and cannot find you easily, it is best you always keep your distance and avoid fighting it up front, even with a shotgun.

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