RE4 Remake El Gigante Boss (Fight, Strategy & Treasure)

El Gigante is one of the returning bosses in Chapter 4 that players first encountered in Resident Evil 4 and he is back and looks meaner than ever.

You will encounter this boss in the Quarry after you have the Church Insignia and are making your way back to go inside the church.

As you pass by the Quarry, you are attacked by this enormous creature and will have to kill it to get out of the area in one piece.

Resident Evil 4 Remake El Gigante Boss

Who is El Gigante?

El Gigante was an experiment done with the Plagas to create a powerful human and this being continuously grew until it could not be kept in a home.

It was later transferred to the Quarry, where one of the Zealots needed to put it under a trance to keep it under control.

This creature is extremely durable and has immense strength but it appears its level of intelligence has deteriorated and it resorts to bestial instincts.

How To Kill El Gigante?Aiming El Gigante's head to shoot

El Gigante is as tough as they can get but you will need to make sure you deal damage to him, which mostly is done by aiming for his head.

Eventually, he will have taken enough damage to cause his parasite to become exposed and this is what you will now be targeting.

The parasite will be sticking out of his back and will cause him to become staggered when you shoot it, which causes him to fall to the ground if you deal enough damage.

Fighting with El Gigante

Once El Gigante has fallen to the ground, you should take the time to deal as much damage as you can to the parasite until he gets back up.

If you have a knife with you, El Gigante can be mounted in this stat and Leon will continuously attack the creature’s parasite with the knife.

This must be done repeatedly until El Gigante is killed but you will also need to watch out for its attacks and run around to avoid being grabbed and squished.

Strategy to Kill El Gigante

Having one of each weapon is optional but a good way to have enough sources of damage just in case you run out of ammo for a certain weapon.

You should aim for its head to deal the most damage until the parasite is exposed, which later becomes your new target.

Once the parasite is exposed, continue aiming for it to deal a lot of damage until El Gigante becomes stunned so you can focus on the parasite.

While doing all of this, you should keep your distance as some of its attacks are difficult to evade when he is close to you.

Bringing a weapon that has a high power level will make this fight easier and by this time, you already have access to the Red 9, M1903, and W-870, so take your pick.

El Gigante SecretWolf distracting El Gigante by biting his leg

If you remember helping out the wolf that was caught in a bear trap in Chapter 3, he makes an appearance during the El Gigante boss fight.

After you have dealt some damage or some time has passed, a cutscene will begin where the wolf appears and howls before charging in to help you.

The wolf will continuously distract El Gigante, which allows you to freely shoot at the parasite without any trouble.

Later on, the wolf will take a bite out of El Gigante’s foot, enraging the creature and causing it to hit the Quarry wall only to get crushed by a wall.

Once El Giganted is hit by the wall, you will be able to deal damage to it in its stunned state, which most of the time is enough to finish the creature off.

El Gigante Treasure

After you have killed El Gigante, he will drop a Yellow Diamond, which is the most expensive round gemstone that you can get in the game.

Where To Go After Killing El Gigante?

Once El Gigante has been killed, you will need to go back to the church to unlock it with the Church Insignia, the key to the door.

As you leave the area, you will be able to see the wolf nearby resting and it will bark as if saying goodbye while Leon thanks it for helping him.


It is best to save your powerful weapons for the parasite and use the handgun or shotgun as your main choice of damage-dealing weapons until it is exposed.

Using powerful weapons such as the M1903 or Red 9 to shoot the parasite is a good choice as they deal a lot of damage.

If you did not help the wolf out in Chapter 3, it will not appear to help you out and you will be on your own against this monstrosity.

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