RE4 Remake Bitores Mendez Boss (Fight, Strategy & Treasure)

You’ve been followed around by this guy for way too long and now it’s time to finally face him head on but it looks like he’s not what he appeared to be.

Bitores Mendez is a boss that you encounter in Chapter 6 as you and Ashley are making a run for it, attempting to escape the village.

Mendez, later on, catches up to Leon and the two of them have a showdown in a slaughterhouse, locking both of them inside and surrounded by flames.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bitores Mendez Boss

Who is Bitores Mendez Boss?

Father Bitores Mendez used to be a priest who was in charge of the church and was also the chief of the village that Leon arrived in.

He was later converted by Osmund Saddler along with his people to form the Los lluminados cult and later on was assigned to hunt down Leon.

Mendez was also a host to a Plagas parasite, which allowed him to transform into a long scorpion-like creature during the fight in the slaughterhouse.

How To Kill Bitores Mendez?Shooting Bitores Mendez

Most players would think that aiming for the head will be the solution to the problem, which is the long creature that Mendez has transformed into.

Although this may be a good choice, you actually should go for the center of his body or what appears to be his mutated spinal cord.

Shooting this can stagger him, allowing you to get a good lock at his back when he is kneeling after taking enough damage.

Bitores Mendez is down can notice a large blinking eye

While Mendez is down, a large blinking eye can be seen on his back and this will be his weak spot that needs to be targeted.

This can only be done for some time as he will transform again once you deal enough damage, since his spinal cord breaks, causing him to have claws to climb around.

The second phase has you fighting Mendez as he climbs on a beam, throwing objects at you and charging in for an attack now and then.

Shooting Mendez boss until he takes enough damage

Continue dealing damage to Mendez as much as you can while also avoiding the flaming projectiles that he throws at you.

He will also throw explosive barrels but these can be shot before thrown or in midair to prevent you from taking damage from them.

You will need to continue doing this until you have dealt enough damage to Mendez, which eventually leads to you killing him.

Strategy to Kill Bitores Mendez

Mendez will move around slowly in his first form and you should move to the high ground behind you as there is a ladder that can be climbed.

From the wooden platform, you can block his attacks with your knife, allowing you to shoot him in the back from a good angle.

It is best to target his spinal cord when his eye is not visible and to continue doing this until you reach the second phase of the fight.

During the second phase, you will need to continue shooting at Mendez and he does tend to stay distant from you at certain times.

Make sure to evade the burning wooden projectiles that he throws and to shoot the explosive barrels whenever he grabs them to damage him.

Continue shooting at him and aim for the eye on his back until he is dead but this must all be done in a small space as the area around you becomes smaller due to the fire.

Bitores Mendez Treasure

Bitores Mendez will drop a treasure called Mendez’s False Eye, which can later be sold to The Merchant for a hefty sum of 12,000 Pesetas.

Bitores Mendez SecretBitores Mendez’s body is supported by his legs

Bitores Mendez’s body can barely be supported by his legs, which makes him slow during the first phase and you can easily damage him at this point.

The false eye that he drops, later on, is a treasure that can be sold but in the original Resident Evil 4, this was a key needed to enter the Castle.

This was also the same false eye that appeared as the image on the system data files for the game on certain platforms.

Where To Go After Killing Bitores Mendez?

After  you have killed Bitores Mendez, the place will be on fire but Ashley calls you to a nearby window which you can use to escape the slaughterhouse.

Once you both have escaped and Bitores Mendez is dealt with, you can both continue heading towards the castle.


Fighting Bitores Mendez feels like one of the turning points in the game as he has been a problem for Leon since he first arrived at the village.

This is one of the fights in the game that requires you to have good weapons or a lot of spare ammo since he tends to move around a lot and has a lot of health.

It turns out he was the owner of the manor you previously entered, being that he is the village chief but it looks like that place won’t have an owner anymore.

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