RE4 Remake Armored El Gigante Boss (Fight & Strategy)

During your attempt to find Ashley after she was previously driven away by fear from the Plaga parasite taking over her, you find yourself at the Castle Battlements.

While making your way to the other side, an Armored El Gigante appears and locks its sight on you, obviously wanting to kill you on the spot.

You will need to take this creature out if you are to continue with your search for Ashley but this boss fight is a little different from the others.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Armored El Gigante Boss

Who is Armored El Gigante Boss?

The Armored El Gigante seems to be another variant of the El Gigante that only has additional armor all around it.

This makes it almost impenetrable to damage but there are still ways to get through even the hardest armor if you find ways.

During this fight, the El Gigante will be distant from you but will continuously throw debris at you until it kills you or you escape.

How To Kill Armored El Gigante?Rushing to get the nearby cannon which is present under a few rooms

The fight with the Armored El Gigante is different from the other boss fights that you have experienced and is more based on running.

To attack the Armored El Gigante you will need to rush to the nearby cannon which is located under a few rooms.

You will need to rush over to it while fighting through any enemies that get in your way and destroy the hanging weights.

Firing the cannon at Armored El Gigante

This requires that you run through several rooms and unlock them until you have gained access to the cannon at the very top.

Once the cannon has been raised, you will need to use it to fire at the Armored El Gigante, which will knock it out with one hit.

After the Armored El Gigante falls, you can continue making your way to the gate but it does make one last appearance before it drops to what could be its possible death.

Strategy to Kill Armored El GiganteArmored El Gigante is throwing debris at you

The key to getting to the cannon is taking cover whenever the Armored El Gigante throws debris at you because this deals a lot of damage.

If you continuously run without taking cover, you are most likely to be hit by the debris and will eventually die.

There are a lot of objects you can use to take cover or you could hide behind the walls but do mind the gaps as debris can hit you through them.

Armored El Gigante Treasure

Once the Armored El Gigante is killed (or knocked out) there will be no treasure for claiming but you do get some loot around the area once you go back for it.

Armored El Gigante SecretArmored El Gigante falls down after you created heavy damage using the cannon

After disappearing, the Armored El Gigante makes one more appearance and attempts to grab Leon before it falls.

You will be encountering another Armored El Gigante later on along with a regular El Gigante in one of the upcoming chapters.


This boss fight does not have much combat in it aside from you having to fight the lesser enemies but the debris being thrown makes it difficult.

It’s best to time your cover right to make sure you don’t take damage from projectiles thrown at you while also watching out for oncoming enemies.

The sooner you get to the cannon, the sooner you can take the Armored El Gigante out, so this is more of a rush than a fight.

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