RE4 Remake Small Cave Shrine Puzzle (Stone Dais)

One of the Chapter 4 Puzzles in Resident Evil Remake is one of the two puzzles that need to be solved to get the church key.

These puzzles do not have much explanation about them but eventually, you get hints as you look around the area to figure out what to do.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Small Cave Shrine Puzzle in Chapter 4

The Small Cave Shrine Puzzle appears to be a stone dais or symbol puzzle that will open up a nearby door to the  Blasphemer’s Head.

How To Solve Small Cave Shrine Puzzle?Yellow drawings on the walls which have similar shapes to ones in the puzzle

If you noticed some of the yellow drawings on the walls and other areas, you might have noticed some have similar shapes to the ones in the puzzle.

You will be able to press 3 of the buttons before the puzzle resets, which means 3 glyphs need to be searched for.

These don’t have any specific order and as long as you have at least 2 of the glyphs, you can always guess the other one from those remaining.

Strange drawings on the walls that were painted using Yellow color

After identifying 2 or 3 glyphs, make your way back to the stone dais puzzle and interact with it to open up its interaction screen.

Press all 3 of the glyphs that you have seen around the area and this will open up the gate, allowing you to take the Blasphemer’s Head, Hexagon Piece C, and more loot.

Looking around the cave will allow you to spot some strange drawings on the walls which seem to look like they were done with yellow paint.

Small Cave Shrine Puzzle SolutionSelecting 4th, 6th & 7th buttons clockwise to open nearby door to the Blasphemer’s Head

Starting from the very top symbol going clockwise, you will need to choose the 4th, 6th, and 7th buttons as they are all the ones that appeared in the cave.

There is no specific order to press them in and once all of them are down, this will open up the nearby door to the Blasphemer’s Head.


This is one of the fastest puzzles there are in the game as the solution is just outside of where the puzzle is located, making it quite obvious what needs to be done later.

Not only can you get the Blasphemer’s Head for progressing, but you also get a few more goodies that will be useful later on, especially the Hexagon Piece C.

Aside from the Small Cave Shrine, there is another location with a similar puzzle in Chapter 4, which is the Large Cave Shrine.

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