RE4 Remake Large Cave Shrine Puzzle (Stone Dais)

The Large Cave Shrine Puzzle is one of the stone dais puzzle or symbol puzzles that you will be solving as you play through the chapter.

Tied along with the Small Cave Shrine Puzzle that you need to complete, this cave also has a set of symbols that need to be chosen to unlock a door.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Large Cave Shrine Puzzle

While no instructions are mentioned, the hints found around the area that match the symbols are already a giveaway of what needs to be done.

How To Solve Large Cave Shrine Puzzle?Some yellow paint writings on the walls

When you first enter the large cave shrine area, you will be fighting your way past villagers on your way to the end where the shrine is located.

While you head to the shrine, there will be certain parts where you notice some writings on the walls written in what seems to be yellow paint.

Some of these are symbols that you will need to remember for later and sometimes the angle that you’re looking from will matter.

Searching for the glyphs

You will need to remember at least 2 symbols as there are 3 buttons on the stone dais that need to be pressed to unlock the door.

If you have all 3 symbols remembered, that’s great but if you are missing one, you can always guess the last one since there is no order for the puzzle.

While searching for the glyphs, you should watch your back since the place is crawling with villagers who can’t wait to get a poke at you.

Large Cave Shrine Puzzle SolutionTo Unlock the door selecting the 2nd, 5th, and 8th symbols

If you are counting from the very top of the symbols, you will need to select the 2nd, 5th, and 8th symbols to unlock the door.

The order in which you press them does not matter as long as you have all 3 of them pressed, the puzzle will be solved and you may enter the previously locked door.

Failing to press all the correct ones will not cause any trouble and you can simply start over, which allows you to guess the last symbol if you need to.


The Large Cave Shrine Puzzle may not be as fast to complete as the Small Cave Shrine Puzzle but it is pretty much the same thing spread around a larger area.

Players will often go to the Large Cave Shrine Puzzle first since it is nearby when they begin Chapter 4, making the other cave feel too easy.

Solving this puzzle is the only way to get the Apostate’s Head, which is required for getting the key to the church.

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