RE4 Remake Lunker Bass Location (Catch Me A Big Fish)

After waking up in Chapter 4, you may later find a request given by someone who has caught a glimpse of a large fish in the lake.

It appears that a “gigantic fish” was seen and that they want you to catch it for them as they claim fish oil has many uses.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Catch Me A Big Fish Request in chapter 4

You will need to get a Lunker Bass and bring it back to The Merchant to complete this request during or after Chapter 4.

Catch Me a Big Fish Request LocationBlue notice for Catch Me A Big Fish inside the locked area

You can find the blue notice for Catch Me A Big Fish inside the locked area in the locked settlement, which you can open with the Insignia Key.

Going to the very end will result in you finding the request stuck to one of the support beams inside the cave that leads to the Forest Altar.

How To Complete Catch Me a Big Fish Request?Search for the “gigantic fish” using the boat

You will need to obtain a Lunker Bass and sell it to The Merchant to complete the Catch Me A Big Fish Request.

This will require that you get on the boat to search for the “gigantic fish” that was spotted, which is later revealed to be a Lunker Bass.

The Lunker Bass needs to be killed with a harpoon and this should only take one hit, which will allow you to collect it afterward.

Keep in mind that this is a large fish and it will take up 2×4 slots in your inventory but if you do not have space, you can come back for it even if it is dead.

Take the Lunker Bass and bring it to The Merchant and sell it to him for 5,000 Pesetas and the request will be complete.

Where To Find Lunker Bass? (Location)Lunker Bass swimming outside of the boat house

You can find the Lunker Bass swimming outside of the boat house where Leon first wakes up in Chapter 4 after fighting Del Lago.

The Lunker Bass tends to swim around in the same spot and will always be around no matter how long it takes you to come back to it.

Fish was spotted near the boat house

You can even see it as you peek from the starting area in Chapter 4 where Leon has a talk with Hunnigan after waking up.

The photograph included in the request is a dead giveaway that the fish was spotted near the boat house, which made it the first go-to location.

Catch Me a Big Fish Request Rewards

Once you have taken the Lunker Bass and have sold it off to The Merchant, you will be rewarded with 4x Spinels.


If you have been riding around in the boat for a short time now, you may have already seen this fish and may already have sold it off, but the request can still be completed.

There won’t be any battle or chasing when it comes to the Lunker Bass as it just swims around peacefully until you come along to impale it with a harpoon.

It is still a good trade as this is an easy way to get 4 Spinels just by riding a boat, killing a fish, and taking it back to be sold.

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