RE4 Remake The Church Light Puzzle Solution

The Church Light Puzzle is encountered in Chapter 4, where you need to solve it to continue progressing to find Ashley Graham.

You have finally reached the church where she has been kept but the puzzle stands between you and a locked door.

You will need to complete the mechanism before solving the church puzzle and before the locked door will be unlocked.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Church Light Puzzle should be solved to find Ashley Graham

How To Solve Church Light Puzzle?Blue Dial found in the cabinet

The first thing you will want to do is complete the mechanism as one of the dials is missing, which will prevent you from solving the puzzle.

Head to the very right of the church and open up the cabinet, which will be where the Blue Dial can be found, which you need to take back.

Interact with the mechanism in the church to place the Blue Dial and afterward, you will be able to adjust the glass with 3 dials.

Moving each of the dials to solve the puzzle

To solve the church light puzzle, you will need to move each of the dials as they will also move the glass in front of you.

These need to be adjusted to solve the puzzle but each one may require some moving and no white spaces should be left out.

There is also an insignia at the back, which is meant to be a hint of what you need to form using all 3 colors.

Church Light Puzzle SolutionChurch Light Puzzle solved

You will need to align everything to fit in with the insignia so pretend the bottom of the symbol is where it is facing so we can easily solve this puzzle.

Starting with the green and red dials, let’s face green pointing to the left while red is pointing to the right and you should be able to see a shape forming.

Once red and green are done and aligned with the insignia, point the blue dial-up and rotate it to the right until it locks in, forming the image above.


This may be a familiar puzzle for some players and Resident Evil 4 also had a lot of creative ways to get our minds thinking such as this one.

Now that the puzzle is solved, you will be able to make your way to a newly unlocked area where Ashley Graham is close by.

Unfortunately, it appears that you may have taken up too much time as the villagers will already be on your tail, so good luck!

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