RE4 Remake Egg Hunt Request

Egg Hunt is a request that you get during Chapter 4, which sends you searching for a Golden Chicken Egg, a more valuable type of item.

Now, you are probably wondering where an item like that might be if not for around some chickens, and at this point perhaps you are thinking of going back to the farm.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Egg Hunt

There is an easier way to finish this request though there is not a guarantee you can make it there easily given you may still be stuck in a certain area.

Where To Find Egg Hunt Request?Egg Hunt Request location (While making way to the boat during Chapter 4)

The Egg Hunt Request can be found as you first make your way to the boat during Chapter 4 near the lake jetty outside the Mural Cave.

It will be on the wall just before you make your way to the boat by the lake jetty near one of the torches on a stone wall. 

How To Complete Egg Hunt Request?

To complete the Egg Hunt Request, you will need to first obtain a Golden Chicken Egg from any source and bring it back to The Merchant.

Once you are at The Merchant, you will need to sell the Golden Egg to him, which will afterward complete the request.

Where to Find Golden Egg?Golden Egg location map (In the Chicken area to the right of the lake)

The Golden Egg is pretty rare and not easily found but there is one nearby when you get this request which you can head to by using the boat.

There is one spot that you can go to where you will find a crazy load of chicken in the area just to the right of the lake.

Going to the right side of the lake where the chicken area is located

Once you arrive, you will notice there are already eggs that have been laid and you can collect them after docking the boat.

If you head around to the back, one of the eggs will be a Golden Chicken Egg and you can take this back to sell it to The Merchant.

Golden Chicken Egg found in the chicken farm

The Golden Chicken Egg will not be seen on your map right away and you will need to just search the area around this Chicken Farm.

It will most likely be found in the back of the area, which is where we were able to find it as shown in the image above.

Egg Hunt Request Rewards

After you have sold at least one Golden Chicken Egg to The Merchant, he will reward you with 3 Spinels even while you are still on his shop menu.


While it is uncertain why someone would want the Golden Chicken Egg, a request is still a request and you will need to fulfill it.

Not only do you get 3 Spinels for completing the request, but you also get 9,000 Pesetas for selling the Golden Chicken Egg to The Merchant.

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