RE4 Remake Grave Robber Request

Grave Robber is a request that you come across in Chapter 3, which is about someone being upset with traitors who have been buried in the graveyard.

They have requested that the emblems engraved on their graves be destroyed but the graveyard is full of different ones.

A hint here is that they are twins, so most likely you want to look for graves that are near each other or have similarities.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Grave Robber Request

Where To Find Grave Robber Request?

The Grave Robber Request can be found passing the room with a trap door if you head for the very end, which will be next to a chest.

This area becomes available in Chapter 3 but is often missed by players since sometimes they tend to go straight into the room and down the trap door.

Where to Find Twin Graves?Twin Graves location in the graveyard in front of the Chruch

You can find the Twin Graves in the graveyard in front of the church and they will be next to each other with the same symbol that looks like the letter “V”.

This will be where you saw one of the villagers digging previously when you first arrived at the graveyard.

Once you find the Twin Graves, you can either shoot the circle emblems or hit them with a knife to complete the challenge.

Grave Robber Request Rewards

Once both graves have had their emblems destroyed, you can return to The Merchant to get 2 Spinels as a reward.


While it may seem to be wrong to desecrate the graves of certain people, judging by the Iluminados and their actions, there are far worse things.

It would be good to check the area for enemies before attempting to fire off a shot as this may alert them or you could simply just poke the emblems with your knives.

This request is one of the easiest ones you can find, which is probably why you get only a couple of Spinels for completing it.

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