RE4 Remake Viper Hunter Request

Someone’s friend has gotten ill and it looks like there is nothing they can do about it and want to grant them a delicious final meal.

Apparently, Vipers seem to be the favorite of some of the people in the area and are considered a tasty delicacy that can improve one’s health.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Viper Hunter Request

The Viper Hunter Request requires that you sell three Vipers to The Merchant, which means you need to kill the snakes first.

How To Get Viper Hunter Request?Viper Hunter request found outside of the Town Hall in the Village Square

The Viper Hunter Request can be found outside of the Town Hall in the Village Square where you find The Merchant in Chapter 3.

It is located on a wall just past The Merchant near the open area leading to the church and can be picked up as you are heading out.

How To Complete Viper Hunter Request?Selling 3 Vipers to Complete Viper Hunter request

To complete the Viper Hunter Request, you will need to first obtain Vipers, which can be done by killing them and picking them up.

After you have 3 or more Vipers, you will need to sell them but these don’t need to be sold at the same time as they will count even if sold separately.

How To Get Vipers?Killing vipers using a Knife or shotgun

You can get Vipers by killing them out in the open and this is easily done with one hit with a knife or a single shot from a handgun.

Once you have killed a Viper, you will need to wait for a second or two before you can loot it, picking up the dead snake.

Some Vipers can be found in storage boxes and will surprise you once you destroy them while a lot can be found roaming in the Fish Farm.

Viper Hunter Request Rewards

After completing the Viper Hunter Request, you can speak to The Merchant, who will reward you with 4 Spinels.


Vipers are one of the annoying animals that can be found in the game and this is not only because they can be a bit tricky to hit but they also surprise you now and then.

During Chapter 3, you will be able to run into a few Vipers before getting the request and once you get it, things get easier once you reach the Fish Farm.

A good way to kill vipers is to shoot them with a handgun and if your aim is a little off, just point in the direction they are going and hit any part of their body.

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