RE4 Remake Blue Medallions Location (Castle Gate)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Destroy Blue Medallions 3 Request (Castle Gate)

Upon reaching the castle in Chapter 7, you will be able to do a request that involves Blue Medallions just like you did with some of the previous chapters.

This requires that you find the Blue Medallions later as you advance and destroy them to get a reward from The Merchant.

Unlike Destroy Medallions 2, this request is a bit easy as all of them can be found in one area but you may want to get rid of the enemies nearby first.

How To Get Destroy the Blue Medallions 3 Request?Reached the inner part of the castle

Once you reach the castle, you will have to fight through an area with enemies and will need to destroy a door using a large cannon.

Going through the door takes you to the inner part of the castle and to your right before going into the door will be the request.

Castle Blue Medallions LocationCastle Gate Blue Medallions map

All of the Blue Medallions can be found in the same area but one of them is outside of the castle grounds and can be seen from a distance.

1) Above the Roofless Room

Blue Medallion above the roofless room location

There will be a room that has an enemy inside of it where you can see one of the Blue Medallions as you look up near one of the openings.

2) Inside Cannon Room

Blue Medallion inside cannon room location

The round room that has a cannon will have a Blue Medallion inside and this one should not be hard to miss as you will need to go down here to raise the cannon.

3) Outside Cannon Room

Blue Medallion outside cannon room location

Just as you exit the cannon room, there will be a Blue Medallion visible from where you are before you go towards the ladder that brings you up.

4) In a Tree Below the Castle

Blue Medallion in a tree below the castle location

Once you climb the ladder after raising the cannon, if you look down to the left, you will see another Blue Medallion hanging from a tree.

5) The Right Side of the Roofless Room

Blue Medallion the right side of the roofless room location

Coming back from the cannon room will allow you to unlock a nearby door but before you go inside, head towards the right and you will find another Blue Medallion.

6) Near the Cannon

Blue Medallion near the Cannon location

Near the cannon, there will be a Blue Medallion hanging by the window and you can strike it with your knife to destroy it to save your ammo.

Destroy Blue Medallions 3 Request Rewards

After destroying all the Blue Medallions at the castle, you will be rewarded with 5 Spinels once you speak with The Merchant.


Finding the Blue Medallions in the castle is very easy and you will most likely see most of them while you are fighting enemies and finding a way to get inside.

You should clear the area first before you proceed to make sure no enemies disturb you or kidnap Ashley as you are focusing on the Blue Medallions.

Most of the Blue Medallions are visible from multiple spots and if you check your map after getting the request, their locations are revealed.

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