RE4 Remake Double El Gigante Boss (Fight & Strategy)

After reuniting with Luis, who gave you a temporary serum to prolong the Plaga infection caused by a parasite in Leon’s body, the two venture together and stumble upon a couple of El Gigantes.

They are pulled into a large furnace room where a regular El Gigante and an Armored El Gigante begin to attack both of them, which requires the two of them to fight back.

Leon and Luis must kill the El Gigantes, if they are to make it out of the furnace but this can be difficult due to there being two of these large creatures.

Resident Evil 4 Remake El Gigante & Armored El Gigante boss

El Gigante & Armored El Gigante Bosses

The El Gigante bosses that you encounter are similar to the ones that you have fought in the previous chapters but this time they are together.

While the regular El Gigante may be more vulnerable than the other one, the two of them will be fighting together, which causes Leon and Luis to split them.

Leon will be focusing on the unarmored El Gigante, while Luis will distract the Armored El Gigante until they both can team up on it.

How To Kill El Gigante & Armored El Gigante?Shooting at the El Gigante to create more damage

Once the fight begins, Leon needs to focus on the unarmored El Gigante and can kill it just as he fought the other one in a previous chapter.

You will need to shoot at the El Gigante (best to aim for the head) until it takes enough damage to expose the parasite in its back.

Whenever the El Gigante’s parasite is exposed, you will need to approach and do a melee attack (rapid slashes) or simply fire your weapons at it to deal damage.

This needs to be repeated until El Gigante is defeated, which now has the two of you focusing on the Armored El Gigante.

Focusing on the Armored El Gigante

Once focusing on the Armored El Gigante, it will be more of a waiting game as Luis will leave the area and claim he will be right back.

You will need to avoid the Armored El Gigante for a short period until Luis returns and calls you over as he has grabbed some dynamite.

You will need to go near where Luis is to lure the Armored El Gigante to him, which later on ends up with Luis jumping on its back and attaching the dynamite.

Shooting the dynamite that Luis attached at the back of Armored El Gigante

Shoot the dynamite that Luis attached and this will destroy the armor on the back of the Armored El Gigante, exposing its parasite.

From here on you will need to target the parasite to bring the Armored El Gigante down, which later on will end up with you being able to kill it.

Just like with the unarmored El Gigante, you will now be able to stagger it and attack its parasite until the El Gigante has been killed.

Kill El Gigante With FurnaceKilling El Gigante With Furnace

To save your ammo and to quickly kill the El Gigantes, you can use the furnace to drop them into the lava that is underneath them.

This requires that you stagger an El Gigante, forcing it to go down while being above the large trap door, and once they are there, you can pull the nearby lever.

One of the El Gigante positioned on top of the trap door

This will drop whichever El Gigante you have positioned on top of the trap door and will instantly kill them but this also prevents them from dropping any treasure.

You can use the furnace trap door to kill both of the El Gigantes but this is not required and will only prevent them from dropping loot but will save you some trouble.

Strategy to Kill El GigantesTargeting the unarmored El Gigante first

The best thing to do is keep your distance until you get a good shot at one of these bosses and you should target the unarmored El Gigante first always.

Once you can take the El Gigante down, you will need to focus on the Armored El Gigante, which simply requires you to run around until Luis gets back.

After Luis gets back, you can start fighting it just like you did with the unarmored El Gigante, eventually allowing you to kill it by targeting its parasite.


Killing the unarmored El Gigante without using the furnace will cause it to drop a Yellow Diamond while killing the armored one without a furnace will make it drop a Red Beryl.

These are some of the most expensive gemstones that can later be placed inside treasure to increase their value before being sold to The Merchant.

SecretArmored El Gigante

If you look at the Armored El Gigante, you will notice that its left eye is exposed due to apparent damage and it seems that this was the one you fought at the castle.

This may mean that after it was shot with the cannon and fell, it somehow survived and wound up at the furnace, probably in a trance by the cultists.

The other El Gigante may have been another creature or the previous one that may have been revived but this is uncertain.


Both bosses together pose a large threat but by this time you should be used to fighting larger enemies and it’s best to only fight one at a time.

You should keep your distance from the Armored El Gigante while fighting the other one to avoid attracting it while Luis distracts it.

A powerful weapon is enough to take both of these creatures down as long as you aim for their weak spots and using the furnace is optional.

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