RE4 Remake Insect Hive Request (Completing & Rewards)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Insect Hive (Request)

In Chapter 11, Leon and Luis were heading out to find Ashley when they stumbled upon the Hive, a location where the Novistador enemies seem to originate from.

It is here that you find a request asking for you to destroy the entrances to the gigantic hive in the area to stop the insects from swarming the area.

While all this is happening, you will be fighting your way through Novistadors in the area but can complete this request easily once you clear the way going around the hive.

How To Get Insect Hive Request?Insect Hive request attached to a wooden board

The Insect Hive request can be found just as you enter the Hive and will be attached to a wooden board near a Yellow Herb.

You can’t miss this as you will pass by it while you are making your way around the area filled with Novistadors.

How To Complete Insect Hive Request?Destroying the Hive Entrances

Once you receive this request, you will need to destroy the Hive Entrances which can be seen above the large area where the hive is located.

This requires that you look above you and search for the glowing yellow spots located around the hive that is pulsating.

Whenever you find one of the glowing parts, you will need to shoot these until they explode, which will count as one hive entrance.

This will need to be done for all 4 of the hive entrances before the Insect Hive request will be complete and you can get the reward.

Keep in mind that Novistadors will be in the area and some will be camouflaged and waiting to attack you once you get near them.

Destroy Insect Hive Request Rewards

Completing, the Insect Hive request will later reward you with 4 Spinels once you have interacted with The Merchant again anywhere throughout the game.


The Novistadors seem to be increasing in number as you get nearer to the hive and this is most likely where the cultists had found them, which hints they were probably experimented on.

A single Novistador alone is not much of a threat as they can easily be staggered by shooting at it, mainly in the head and a kick afterward is usually enough to finish them off.

The hive is big but getting around it is no problem and you should be able to find all of the Hive entrances after going around the path as you fight off the attacking Novistadors.

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