Who is Luis Serra & How He Dies in RE4 Remake

Luis Serra is met by Leon after he progresses past the Village, attempting to rescue him after finding the man sealed and still alive in a body bag.

He and Leon began working together towards a similar goal, which has been a big help to Leon as he sometimes ended up saving Leon and even Ashley.

It was because of Luis Serra that Leon was able to prolong the effects of the parasite long enough to find a cure, which Luis had also provided for him before his untimely death.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Luis Serra

Who is Luis Serra?

Dr. Luis Serra Navarro was a biologist who worked for the Umbrella Corporation, which was something that bothered Leon a lot, making him not trust Luis.

Luis was later recruited by a man named Osmund Saddler, who led the cult of the Los Iluminados but he later betrayed them after finding out what they were doing.

He later attempted to secure a sample for another organization to secure his safety as he planned on escaping the cult and leaving.

Characteristics of Luis SerraLuis Navarro Serra speaking with Leon

Luis Navarro Serra is a Spanish biologist who has a rather playful attitude but can get serious at times when it comes to helping out his friend.

He wields a Red 9 and is quite accurate with it, helping out Leon and even tossing him some extra ammo when he sees Leon running out.

It is seen that he tends to act without thinking as long as it means he can save others, which is shown when he rushes to save Leon after being grabbed by an El Gigante.

Often he jokes about a lot of things and even as he is about to die, he says that it is such a loss to the ladies of the world as he considers himself a ladies’ man.

How Does Luis Serra Die?Luis coughs out blood and falls on the ground

While Leon and Luis are making their way out of the hive, they stumble upon an elevator that allows them to reach the surface.

Luis turns to Leon and is about to tell him that they are almost out but he is interrupted and coughs out blood before falling to the ground, resulting in Leon rushing towards him.

It turns out, a man named Jack Krauser was in the area and had thrown a knife into Luis’ back, eventually causing his transition to death.

Luis Actions

Luis admitted that he has been a terrible person but none of this was mostly his fault and he still wants to make things right, which is why he helped Leon and Ashley instead of escaping.

He wanted to do what was right instead of leaving Leon and Ashley to fend for themselves and even offered them a serum and later a way to remove the Plaga virus.

Previously Luis was infected with the Plaga parasite but later removed it, which was what he wanted to do for Leon and Ashley before his death.

VerdictLuis Serra & Leon having a talk

While Luis may not have done good in the past, he has made amends by helping Leon and Ashley numerous times and this got him Leon’s trust and respect.

Leon is devastated about losing a new friend that he had made and vows that Krauser will pay for what he has done just after helping Luis light one last cigarette.

In the end, Luis chose to save his new friends and gained his redemption as he lost his life trying to do what he believed was right.

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