RE4 Remake Salazar Boss (Fight, Strategy & Weakness)

Resident Evil 4 Salazar boss

Following the death of Luis, Leon arrives at the Ancient Chantry to face off against Salazar and can catch up to him but Salazar is already waiting.

Leon ends up shooting Salazar multiple times, including in the head which causes Salazar to fall into what appears to have traces of the Plaga parasite in it.

Salazar reappears but this time in a mutated form and begins to attack Leon, which results in the two of them fighting a battle to the death.

Who is Salazar?

Ramon Salazar was a nobleman who was a descendant of a great warrior that fought to prevent people from using the Plaga but became a disgrace by using it himself.

He abandoned his faith and joined the Iluminados after being converted by Osmund Saddler and was later infected with the parasite himself.

Salazar later becomes a mutated monstrous creature with large teeth as he attempts to kill Leon to prevent him from getting to Ashley.

How To Kill Salazar?Leon shooting Salazar boss

Salazar’s mutation allows him to cling around the area and quickly get from one place to another and he is protected by an outer shell of Plaga skin.

His weakness is that once the mouth opens up, he becomes exposed, allowing you to deal significant damage to him when you shoot his human form within.

You will need to keep your distance from Salazar at certain points as he can kill you instantly after charging up and releasing a massive bite.

Salazar becomes incapacitated for a bit after taking enough damages

To kill Salazar, you will need to keep your distance from him while also dealing damage to his weak spot inside of the mouth.

Once enough damage has been dealt, Salazar will be incapacitated for a bit, giving you time to deal more damage to him by shooting him or approaching and stabbing him in the eye.

You will need to continue doing this until Salazar is dead and after that, he will fall to the ground and you can continue pursuing Ashley.

Strategy to Kill SalazarLeon moves from one place to another to keep himself away from Salazar attacks

The trick with Salazar is to keep moving and not stay in one place as he has different attacks that can damage you up close or from a distance.

It’s important to not stay in one place when he is locking on to you because he will eat you whole and you should also avoid his spit attack as this damages you from afar.

If you have powerful weapons that can be fired from afar such as the Broken Butterfly, Sniper Rifle, or other strong weapons, these are best used on him from a distance.

Just keep pumping damage to the weak spot and be sure to deal as much damage as you can when he is vulnerable and the fight will be over sooner than you know it.

Salazar Treasure

After killing Salazar, you can collect a treasure that he dropped which is later revealed to be Lip Rouge, which is probably the lip makeup he uses since his body and face has aged too quickly.

The Lip Rouge is a valuable treasure and can later be sold to The Merchant for a hefty price of 24,000 Pesetas.

Salazar SecretSalazar is taking with Leon during their battle

Salazar tends to talk too much all the time and he even does this during the battle, which Leon is pretty fed up with.

If you throw a grenade in Salazar’s mouth during the boss fight, you will deal a lot of damage as well as unlock the “You Talk Too Much” trophy.


The fight with Salazar can be really quick if you have a lot of weapons with you, especially ones that are capable of dealing a lot of damage.

You must target his weak spot to deal enough damage to weaken him for a melee attack but this should not be done too close or he will munch on you.

Salazar can get around quickly and it is best to take cover whenever you can to avoid getting eaten by him.

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