How To Parry in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Parry

Taking damage in Resident Evil 4 Remake can be one of the worst things that could happen and most of the time puts you in dangerous situations.

While there is no way to guarantee that attacks can be dodged, you can still block and even parry attacks to prevent certain enemies from hitting you.

This comes in handy when you are facing one or more enemies and would like to make a window of opportunity during a fight.

How To Block Attacks?

Blocking in Resident Evil 4 Remake is done with a knife and you can do this by pressing the Ready Knife/ Parry button before an enemy attack hits.

You will notice on the bottom right of your screen that a prompt to block will appear when an enemy makes an attack.

When blocking an attack, the durability of your weapon will be reduced, so make sure that you avoid getting closed in on by enemies often.

How To Parry an Attack?

Parrying an attack is similar to blocking but this needs to be done at the exact moment when the land is about to hit.

A successful parry can be done with proper timing and the result will be that the enemy becomes staggered, making them vulnerable.

This can save your life countless times if enemies can get too close and can even help you escape tougher situations if you get swarmed.

How To Counter Attack?doing a melee attack on an enemy

When you successfully parry an attack, enemies will be staggered, which allows you to do a melee attack on them.

This will allow Leon to do a special attack that will knock an enemy back or even kill them, saving you ammo and preventing you from taking damage.

An enemy that has been parried will be open to counter attacks for a short duration, so make the most of it when you can.

Knife Durability

Your starting knife will be the Combat Knife and the durability of this weapon can later go down to the point where it breaks.

You can always repair the Combat Knife later on when available but in the meantime, sometimes you can find other replacements such as a kitchen knife.

It is best to use your knives when necessary to preserve their durability until you get better ones and keeping your distance from groups is ideal.

VerdictMade enemy to fall on the floor using melee attack

There will be times when you are low on health and parry can make a huge difference, saving you from life and death.

It’s best to always have a knife on you for this exact reason, especially if you encounter an enemy up close or are conserving ammo.

Some melee attacks that become available during a parry can hit multiple enemies, making it a great way to get out of a tight spot.

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