Know About Microtransactions in RE4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake has become a huge hit as the original game was something that fans enjoyed because of the new play style.

Now that the game has been released and a lot of players are getting into it, they have been provided with various microtransactions in the game.

These Resident Evil 4 Remake microtransactions offer players the choice to boost their progress or get goodies based on what they purchase.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Microtransactions

Know DLC Microtransactions

Below is a list of the microtransactions or DLC purchases that can be made for Resident Evil 4 Remake using real money.

1) Treasure Map Expansion

The Treasure Map Expansion adds new treasures to the game that you can find, which are marked with a specific icon (treasure with plus) for you to find.

These can be obtained and sold to the Merchant to get more Pesetas, so you have a boost when it comes to buying and upgrading your equipment.

Once purchased, the Treasure Map Expansion will be applied to all your games, allowing you to find the same treasures in the same spots.

2) Leon and Ashley Costumes

Aside from the costumes that you can obtain in the game, there are DLC costumes that you can purchase to change the appearance of Leon and Ashley separately.

These are the Casual and Romantic costumes that go hand in hand with each other to make Leon and Ashley look more like a team or even a couple.

3) Leon Costumes and Filters

Aside from Leon and Ashley’s costumes, Leon has his own set of costumes that also include filters you can use to change the appearance of the game for a dramatic effect.

There are two sets to choose from that can be equipped separately, which are the Hero and Villain costumes and filters.

4) Deluxe Weapons

If the standard weapons that you get early in the game are not enough for you and if you want something special, you can purchase these weapons.

The Deluxe Weapons are purchased separately and there are only two right now, which are the Sentinel Nine handgun and the Skullbreaker shotgun.

5) Exclusive Upgrade Tickets

For players who want to upgrade their weapons quickly, Exclusive Upgrade Tickets can be purchased and can be used as soon as possible.

These tickets allow you to unlock the Exclusive Upgrade of a weapon without paying any Peseta’s for them, making the weapon insanely powerful.

6) Original Version Soundtrack Swap

If you have played the original Resident Evil 4 game and would like to change the soundtrack from the remake to the original, this purchase is for you.

Once you have purchased the Original Version Soundtrack Swap, you can change the soundtrack in the game between the original and the remake whenever you want.


While microtransactions are an issue for some players, these are completely optional for those who want to spend a little money to get more out of the game.

The microtransactions can be purchased by selecting them and you will be brought to the page where the transaction will be made.

While not all of the DLC purchases are required, these can help players quickly finish the game or provide some pretty good content.

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