RE4 Remake Unlockables (Costumes, Weapons & Accessories)

Resident Evil 4 Remake has a knack for rewarding players with their progression in the game, especially when they play more than one.

One of these is the Extra Content Shop, which allows you to obtain unlockable items once you have met certain conditions when playing the game.

These are later available once you have progressed through the game or have completed certain challenges and afterward, you can purchase them from the Extra Content Shop.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Unlockables

How To Buy Unlockables?

Once you have unlocked an item in the Extra Content Shop, you will be able to purchase it with Challenge Points or CP.

This is obtained by completing challenges in the game and you can later spend them once you enter the Extra Content Shop.

After purchasing an unlockable, it will be available for viewing or use depending on what type of unlockable you have bought.

List of All UnlockablesUnlockable items in RE4 Remake

Below is a list of the more important unlockable items as the rest are just models and concept art that can later be viewed in the game.

Unlocking some of these items will allow you to equip them, which later becomes beneficial when you are playing the game.


  • Chicago Sweeper – Known previously as the Chicago Typewriter, this unlimited ammo SMG can be unlocked after completing the game on Professional Mode with an A Rank or higher.
  • Hand Cannon – This magnum with unlimited ammo makes its return in the game and can be obtained by completing the game on Professional Mode without using bonus weapons.
  • Primal Knife – This knife never breaks because it has unlimited durability and is only obtainable by destroying all 16 of the Clockwork Castellans.

Apparel (Leon)

  • Jacket (Leon) – This is Leon’s main outfit with his Jacket (which is lost later), unlocked after completing the main story.
  • Shirt (Leon) – Another outfit of Leon’s that also requires completing the main story but this one is without a Jacket. 
  • Pinstripe – A gangster-looking outfit that goes well with the Chicago Sweeper, which is unlocked after completing the main story.

Apparel (Ashley)

  • Jacket (Ashley) – This is Ashley’s main outfit, and she wears it through the course of the game until she is finally losing it, and can be obtained by completing the main story.
  • Jacketless (Ashley) – This is Ashley’s main outfit without the jacket she wears when she is first kidnapped, which is also unlocked after completing the main story.
  • Armor – This suit of armor protects Ashley from taking damage and makes her too heavy for enemies to kidnap.

Unique Accessories

  • Gas Mask – Provides aim-assist on any difficulty (complete the game on Professional Mode)
  • Wolf Tail – Increases melee damage (unlock by completing assisted mode with Rank S+)
  • Deer Antlers – Increases damage done with knives (complete game on Standard Mode with Rank S+)
  • Chicken Hat – Reduces the amount of damage that Leon receives. (Complete the game on Hardcore Mode with Rank S+)
  • Cat Ears – Provides Leon with unlimited ammo for allowing weapons except for the Rocket Launcher. (Complete the game on Professional Mode with Rank S+)

Other Accessories

  • Eye Patch – complete main story
  • Face Guard – complete main story
  • Flight Cap – complete main story (Standard)
  • Flight Helmet – complete main story (Hardcore)
  • Foam Mask – complete main story (Standard)
  • Glasses (Lexington) – complete main story
  • Sunglasses (Round) – complete main story (Standard)
  • Sunglasses (Sporty) – Purchase extra DLC pack.
  • Surgical Mask – complete main story (Hardcore)
  • Glasses (Round) – complete main story (Hardcore)
  • Glasses (Square) – complete main story (Standard)
  • Iron Helmet – complete main story (Hardcore)
  • Knitted Hat – complete main story (Standard)
  • Skull Mask – complete main story
  • Sunglasses (Cat Eye) – complete main story
  • Sunglasses (Frameless) – complete main story

Other Unlockables


These are simply collectible models that you can purchase once you have encountered and defeated certain enemies.

You can purchase them later on when you have finished the chapter you were on and may head to the Extra Content Shop to find them.

These do not have any real purpose aside from being able to view a model of the enemy, creature, or item model.

Concept Art

Similar to Models, the concept art of the game is available for purchase with Challenge Points, which can later be viewed.

These are mostly unlocked by completing the game and going to certain areas while others simply unlock as you progress.

Once purchased, these can be viewed at any time when you check on your bonuses and head to the Concept Art section.


Unlockables are a good way to enjoy the game again once you have the benefits of using them to make Leon more successful through each chapter.

While the others are merely collectibles, they are still worth getting if you do not have anything else left to spend Challenge Points on.

The unlockable Weapons and Unique Accessories are a great addition for those who want to complete the game again and make better progress.

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