RE4 Remake Requests (Locations & Rewards)

Resident Evil 4 Remake has some side quests in the main story that you can partake in, which require you to do a certain objective to complete them.

In return, you will be rewarded with Spinels and will also be able to obtain loot depending on what kind of objective was given.

Completing these requests is a good way to help you progress and get additional items later on in the game via the Merchant.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Requests

How To Get Requests?

Requests can be started in two ways, which is to first find the posted request, which comes in the form of a blue sheet of paper that can be interacted with.

Another way is to simply start the quest by doing the objectives even if you have not taken the posted request, but this makes it more difficult.

If you obtain the posted request, the location of the objective is usually shown, or a hint is given to make completing it easier.

List of All Requests

Below is a list of all the requests that you can find in the main story as well as their chapter, location, and how many Spinels they reward.



Spinel (Rewards)

Destroy the Blue Medallions 1

Chapter 1Farm3
Pest ControlChapter 2Abandoned Factory


Viper Hunter

Chapter 3Town Hall4
Grave RobberChapter 3Church


Destroy the Blue Medallions 2

Chapter 3Quarry ~ Fish Farm4
Egg HuntChapter 4None Specified


Catch Me a Big Fish

Chapter 4Lake4
A Savage MuttChapter 5Village Chief’s Manor


Destroy the Blue Medallions 3

Chapter 7Castle Gate5
Destroy the Blue Medallions 4Chapter 9Castle


More Pest Control

Chapter 9Grand Hall – Library3
Merciless KnightChapter 10Mausoleum


Insect Hive

Chapter 11Hive4
Jewel ThiefChapter 12Courtyard


The Disgrace of the Salazar Family

Chapter 12Throne Room4
Destroy the Blue Medallions 5Chapter 14Cargo Depot


Even More Pest Control

Chapter 14Waste Disposal3
The Wandering DeadChapter 14Incubation Lab


Destroy the Blue Medallions 6

Chapter 15Cliffside Ruins


Spinel Rewards

Spinels are given as rewards for completing Requests and to do this, you need to speak to the Merchant once the objectives have been completed.

Even without obtaining the Request, if you have completed the objectives ahead, you will be able to automatically complete it and get the rewards when speaking to him.

The Spinels that you get can later be used to purchase items from the Trade menu when you are browsing the Merchant’s wares.

How To Complete Requests?

To complete a request, you will either find the posted Request or start it on your own if you already know the objectives.

Once the objectives have been completed, your next task will be to speak to the Merchant, which will bring up the request and grant you the rewards.

This will happen for every request and if you have already done them in the past, you can simply finish them unless they are started by picking up the posted request like Savage Mutt.


Requests are one of the easiest things to do most of the time and are important if you want to get some of the items from the Merchant’s Trade menu.

Some requests are limited to a certain area such as the Village and once you have moved to the Castle or the Island, these will no longer be available.

Any requests that you have not completed that are left behind will automatically be considered as failed; you can no longer get their rewards in the current game.

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