RE4 Remake Blue Medallions Location (Grand Hall)

The Blue Medallion problem still exists even throughout the castle and someone is very annoyed about this, which results in this request being posted.

There are Blue Medallions in the castle in the Grand Hall and some of the rooms connected to it need to be destroyed.

RE4 Remake Blue Medallions Grand Hall

To get rid of the Blue Medallions, you will first have to find them but lucky for you, we have got it covered to help you out.

How To Get Destroy Blue Medallions 4 Request?Leon finds the Blue Medallions 4 request inside the room in the Grand Hall where The Merchant is located

Destroy Blue Medallions 4 request can be found inside the room where you find The Merchant within the Grand Hall.

It will be on top of a table that is next to the Typewriter just in front of The Merchant and you can’t miss it once you walk in.

Grand Hall Blue Medallion LocationsBlue Medallions 4 Locations in the Grand Hall

There are a total of 6 Blue Medallions that you need to destroy for this request and 3 of them can be found in the Grand Hall while the others are in different rooms.

These can be found as you progress through Chapter 9, so you should complete the chapter before searching for them as there are rooms to unlock first.

1) Near the Grand Hall Entrance

Near the grand hall entrance can find the Blue Medallion

If you enter the Grand Hall through the main door, you will find a Blue Medallion above when looking to the right side above a cabinet that can be opened.

2) Behind 3-Headed Statue

Another Blue Medallion location is behind 3-headed statue in the Grand Hall

There is a 3-headed statue in the Grand Hall that you need to complete by finding the heads and just behind that is a Blue Medallion behind a pillar.

3) Attached to the Chandelier

Blue Medallion attached to the Chandelier in the Grand Hall

If you go upstairs when you are in the Grand Hall, you will find one of the Blue Medallions attached to the chandelier on the right.

4) Behind the Curtains (Dining Hall)

Revealing the very end last curtains in the dining hall you can find another Blue Medallion

Once you are in the Dining Hall, head over to the very end and look out of the last curtain, which will reveal a Blue Medallion.

5) Above the Entrance (Armory)

Another Blue Medallion can be found above the entrance in the place where you had the fight with several Knights in the Armory

If you remember the fight you had with several knights in the Armory, you will need to head back there to find one of the Blue Medallions above the entrance.

6) Below the Bridge Lever (Gallery)

Below the bridge lever in the Gallery Blue Medallion is attached to a pillar

If you have been to the Gallery, you will remember when the bridge was lowered and just under the lever, you will find a Blue Medallion attached to a pillar.

Destroy Blue Medallions 4 Request Rewards

Completing, Destroy Blue Medallions 4 request will reward you with 5 Spinel once you talk to The Merchant again.


Destroy Blue Medallions 4 request can be a bit challenging if you do not clear out the places first, which makes it better to finish them in Chapter 10.

While some of the Blue Medallions can easily be found in the Grand Hall, others such as the Armory Blue Medallion will be available after you have played through Ashley’s part.

Some of the Blue Medallions are well hidden but these can easily be located if you check the map after obtaining the request.

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