RE4 Remake Armadura (Location, Weakness & Fight)

The Merciless Knight request is one of the more rewarding requests that become available once you reach Chapter 10 in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

It sets you out to search for an enemy known as the Merciless Knight (Golden Armadura) that will bring you a challenge.

You will need to search out for this monstrosity who has been known to have cut down a person with a single strike.

How To Get Merciless Knight Request?

Once Chapter 10 begins, Leon will need to make his way through the room on the right of the 3-headed statue and in this room, the Merciless Knight request will be on a table.

The area may be dark but once you are near the request, you will be able to spot it because of the marker that appears.

Where To Find Merciless Knight?

The Merciless Knight or Golden Armadura, can be found in the Mausoleum, which will be available in Chapter 10 after Leon has escaped the cage in the Grand Hall.

You will need to take the path leading to the Mausoleum that was opened up by Ashley, which happened during Chapter 9.

How To Defeat Golden Armadura (Merciless Knight)?

Unlike the other Armadura (knight) enemies, the weak spot for the Golden Armadura is not located on the side of its neck but rather at the back.

You should kill the regular knights first to make the fight easier which can be done by forcing their parasites out after a melee attack and tossing a Flash Grenade or just killing them.

Once the knights have been dealt with, it’s time for you to focus on the Golden Armadura, which is larger than the others and more dangerous.

Timing will be everything in this encounter and you will need to make sure to avoid the Golden Armadura’s attacks, which will cause it to stall for a bit.

Once the Golden Armadura attacks you, evading is possible by running to the side or running away depending on if it is doing a thrust attack or a sweeping attack.

The Golden Armadura’s parasite is exposed on its back and can be fired at once it is delayed after taking a swing at you.

After you have dealt enough damage to the Golden Armadura, its parasite will mutate and will be flinging around out of its body as it continues to attack you.

This will make it easier to kill now since you now have to target the parasite, which is similar to the other ones and this will allow you to kill it.

You can easily force the parasite out to this stage by shooting it with a magnum and also delivering the final shot with another one as this deals a lot of damage.

Merciless Knight Request Rewards

Once you have taken care of the Golden Armadura, you can return to The Merchant and interact with him to get 8 Spinels.


The Golden Armadura can be quite the menace and will have you opening up your inventory to heal Leon again and again if you don’t dodge its attacks.

It is best to take on the other knights first to allow yourself to run circles around the Golden Armadura to find an opening for your shots.

Since the Golden Armadura is slow and predictable, you can take advantage of this and prepare to shoot the parasite on the back of its neck.

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