RE4 Remake Crow’s Nest Location (Jewel Thief)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Request in Chapter 12

Earlier as you begin Chapter 12, you come across 2 requests, and one of these is the Jewel Thief request, which sends you searching for a stolen jewel.

This jewel appears to be a Scratched emerald, which is the family heirloom of the person who posted the request and he wants it back.

You will need to find the stolen jewel, which leads you back to where a lot of crows tend to hang out, which is in the courtyard.

How To Get Jewel Thief Request?Leon finds Jewel Thief request on the side of the wall near The Merchant

You can find the Jewel Thief request along with another request called The Disgrace of The Salazar Family on the side of the wall near The Merchant.

This is just after you have left the elevator as you have started in Chapter 12, where you have just made your way to the surface.

How To Complete Jewel Thief Request?Leon heads for the Clock Tower to find the Scratched Emerald

The request hints that you need to find a crow’s nest and that it can be found in the Courtyard but this does not entirely mean within the maze.

It is actually in a section of the Courtyard that is near The Merchant but this only becomes available during Chapter 12.

You will need to travel back to the Courtyard to where The Merchant is located and look for the crow’s nest there to find the Scratched Emerald and sell it.

Crow’s Nest LocationCrow’s Nest Location

If you remember the pond near The Merchant, the crow’s nest is just above one of the arches and you can see a crow on top of it.

Shoot the crow’s nest and the Scratched Emerald will drop to the ground, which you now need to pick up and bring to The Merchant.

You will need to sell the Scratched Emerald to The Merchant, which will get you a good sum of Pesetas that you can spend later.

Jewel Thief Request Rewards

Selling the Scratched Emerald will get you 5,000 Pesetas and once the request has been turned in, you will get 3 Spinels.


While the courtyard may be present with several crows, it turns out that the area reaches further to where The Merchant is.

If you have previously checked this area in the past chapter, the crow’s nest will not be there but once you are on Chapter 12, it will be present.

It seems that even a Scratched Emerald that has lesser value is still favored by the crows probably since it is a treasure.

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