RE4 Remake Blue Medallions Location (Cargo Depot)

In Chapter 14, you will be able to find another Destroy Blue Medallions request, which sends you to the Cargo Depot to find 5 Blue Medallions.

It turns out that the Blue Medallions are still being placed and someone wants them destroyed in the Cargo Depot even if it doesn’t make much of a difference.

RE4 Remake Blue Medallions Cargo Depot

This will be the second to the last request that requires you to search for and destroy Blue Medallions in the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

How To Get Destroy Blue Medallions 5 Request?Before reaching the Merchant in Chapter 14 you can find the Blue Medallion request

Once Chapter 14 begins, you and Ashley will be traveling together and will stumble upon The Merchant but before reaching him, you will find the request.

Destroy Blue Medallions 5 request can be found on the wall to the left of the door leading to The Merchant’s shop.

Cargo Depot Blue Medallions LocationBlue Medallions 5 locations map

There are 5 Blue Medallions that need to be destroyed and all of these are located within the Cargo Depot right after you get the request.

Most of the Blue Medallions are easily spotted but for a few of them, you need to go to a certain angle to get a good shot.

1) Above the Entrance to Cargo Depot

The first Blue Medallion can be found above the entrance to Cargo Depot

Once you leave The Merchant and head for the Cargo Depot, you can turn around once you have moved near the stairs and turn around to see one of the Blue Medallions above.

2) To the Right Side of the Entrance to the Cargo Depot

The second Blue Medallion can be found to the right side of the entrance to the Cargo Depot

Another Blue Medallion will be to your right if you leave The Merchant and you will be able to see it if you go to the very end, which will give you a better shot at it.

3) Under Cargo Depot Attached to a Container

The third Blue Medallion can be found under Cargo Depot attached to a container

If you head down the Cargo Depot, heading to the left will allow you to find one of the Blue Medallions attached to a large container.

4) Under Cargo Depot, Hold Attached to a Boiler

The fourth Blue Medallion can be found under Cargo Depot, hold attached to a boiler

Once you have destroyed the previous Blue Medallion, another one can be found if you go to the right and aim for the machines nearby.

5) To the Left End of Cargo Depot Hold

The fifth Blue Medallion can be found to the left of the end of Cargo Hold

Upon reaching the end of the Cargo Hold, you will go up a flight of stairs and if you look to the left, another Blue Medallion can be seen.

Destroy Blue Medallions 5 Request Rewards

Once all the Blue Medallions in the Cargo Depot have been destroyed, you can head over to The Merchant to receive a reward of 5 Spinels.


Locating the Blue Medallions in the Cargo Depot is very easy as there are barely any enemies in the area to get in your way.

While most can be spotted from a distance, some will be in tight places but you can easily find them by checking your map since they appear once you get the request.

All of these can easily be shot with a handgun, which is the best weapon to use for these to save your other ammo.

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