RE4 Remake Blue Medallions Location (Cliffside Ruins)

Destroy Blue Medallions 6 is the final request that sends you out to search and destroy for Blue Medallions which are present at the Cliffside Ruins.

While these are only ruins and considered an unpleasant place, someone is upset with all of the Blue Medallions that have been scattered everywhere.

The anonymous request poster has asked that all the Blue Medallions in the area are to be smashed and doing this will get you more Spinels.

RE4 Remake Blue Medallions Cliffside Ruins

How To Get Destroy Blue Medallions 6 Request?Blue Medallions 6 Request can be found in chapter 15 at the Cliffside Ruins

Destroy Blue Medallions 6 becomes available once you reach Chapter 15 and this can be found at the Cliffside Ruins just before you enter the building that leads to the Specimen Storage area.

You will need to get past a large outpost where the chopper that has previously helped you has been destroyed and you continue alone.

Cliffside Ruins Blue Medallions LocationBlue Medallions Cliffside Ruins locations

Despite the locations appearing to be the area, all 5 of the Blue Medallions can be found within the Cliffside Ruins.

This will require that you look above the area as well as around it to find each of the Blue Medallions that have been carefully hidden in each spot.

1) Above Specimen Storage Building

Above specimen storage building the first Blue Medallion can be found at the Cliffside Ruins

Right after you have obtained the Destroy Blue Medallions 6 request, you will find one of the Blue Medallions at the top of the building near a window by looking up.

2) At the Side of the Excavation of the Ruins

At the side of the excavation of the ruins the second medallion can be found

After you have destroyed the first Blue Medallion on top of the Specimen Storage building, turn to your left and you will see one of them near the ruins site.

3) Attached to a Damaged Arch

Another Blue Medallion is attached to a damaged arch

You can find this one by doing one of two things which are either to look down near the treasure from where you destroyed the second Blue Medallion or go down the nearby ladder.

4) In cave Entrance Near a Ladder

The fourth can be found in caved entrance near a ladder

The entrance to the ruins has been caved in and just behind the ladder you can see one of the Blue Medallions in the caved-in area.

5) Through an Arch Passed the Ladder

The last medallion in Cliffside Ruins is present at through an arch passed the ladder

Once you head down the ladder, go to the very first arch and look through it to see one of the Blue Medallions in the distance.

Destroy Blue Medallions 6 Request Rewards

After you have destroyed all of the Blue Medallions around the Cliffside Ruins, you will be able to get 5 Spinels by talking to The Merchant.


The Cliffside Ruins can be a bit tricky because of the positions of the Blue Medallion markers, making it seem like they are in a different area.

These can all be found by simply looking around and exploring the area and all of them can be hit with a pistol but the first one may take a bit more aim.

It is best to do this request when the area is clear from enemies, as they can get in the way and distract you if you have not killed them.

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