RE4 Remake Animal Gong Puzzle Solution

In Chapter 7, you reach the castle where you find a large room locked with gongs that have animal symbols on them.

Within the room is a sword that is needed for completing the Sword Puzzle nearby but first, you will have to get the gate open.

To do this, you will have to solve the Animal Gong Puzzle, which requires you to trigger certain ones to open the gate.

RE4 Remake Animal Gong Puzzle in Chapter 7

How To Solve Animal Gong Puzzle?Leon is pulling down the chain of Deer Gong

Most likely you will see the chain to the left that is connected to the Deer Gong and when this is pulled, the gong will ring while the Deer Symbol begins to glow.

This is a hint that ringing the corresponding gong with the symbol of an animal will cause the symbol on the gate to glow.

Deer symbol gate is glowing after Leon pulled down the Deer symbol Gong

At this point, you may already realize that each of the symbols on the gate of the lock should be activated and glowing.

Now you will need to check the gate lock to see which animal symbols are there and locate the gong for each one to activate them.

Animal Gong Puzzle SolutionLeon is shooting the gongs which is behind the locked gate

Now that we have figured out that the gongs need to be rung, we just need to ring the other gongs in the area that match the symbols on the gate’s lock.

The only problem is, the other two animal gongs that need to be rung are behind the locked gate, so you can’t ring them by pulling on their chains.

This is easily solved by resorting to ringing them from afar, which means you need to shoot the gongs to ring them, and both are located to the right.

The eagle gong will be right in front of you when you look to the right and the snake gong will be in the back, so go ahead and shoot them.

This will cause the gate to open up and you can now go inside to get the missing sword needed for the Castle Sword Puzzle.


This is one of the fastest puzzles that you can complete as all of the animal gongs are located right in front of you.

Once you have activated the animal symbols, the gate opens up and allows you to take the Bloodied Sword, which is one of four swords in the puzzle next to you.

Later on, you will experience a similar puzzle that requires you to shoot two animal gongs to open up some gates but thanks to this part, you already know what needs to be done.

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