RE4 Remake Sword Puzzle Solution

If you have been to the castle and have reached a large room with 2 puzzles, one is the Sword Puzzle but before this, you will need to do the other one.

The Sword Puzzle is the second puzzle that you need to do at the castle in Chapter 7 and needs to be completed to proceed further inside.

RE4 Remake Castle Sword Puzzle in Chapter 7

Once this puzzle is solved, you will be able to progress to the next room and Ashely may even have a comment waiting at the end.

How To Solve Sword Puzzle?Leon sees the paintings of a Knight on the wall

To solve the Sword Puzzle, you will first need to complete the Animal Gong Puzzle nearby as this will allow you to collect one of the swords needed for it.

Once you have all the swords needed, you will now have to place them in the correct slots on the images engraved on the walls.

Leon finds the Swords in the Engraved paintings of a Knight are not in their correct slot

The engraved paintings on the wall seem to depict the journey of a knight and each of the swords appear to have a meaning.

First, you will need to take all of the swords out of their current slots as they are placed in the wrong ones when you first arrive.

After you have all four swords, it’s time for you to put them in the correct slots, which would depict a chronological order that explains the knight’s journey.

Sword Puzzle SolutionLeon takes all the four swords from the Knight paintings to place it correctly in their slots

With all the swords in your inventory, begin placing them from left to right in the following order listed below:

  • Iron Sword
  • Golden Sword
  • Bloodied Sword
  • Rusted Sword

The puzzle will be solved and the gate will open up afterward, which will now allow you to proceed into the next room.

A possible reason for the order of the swords would be that the knight starts with only an Iron Sword and later is praised for his efforts and rewarded with a Golden Sword.

The knight continues to fight for the king which turns his weapon into a Bloodied Golden Sword and when the knight is gone and buried, the years go by and all that’s left is a Rusted Sword.


Players have enjoyed this puzzle due to the thinking required to piece everything together and the story of the knight seems like a good one.

It is impossible to solve this puzzle without first completing the Gong Puzzle, so make sure you do that to get the Bloodied Golden Sword.

After solving the puzzles, you will be able to continue making your way inside the castle to meet up with Luis Serra, who says he has something to slow down the parasites from taking over.

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