RE4 Remake Crimson Lantern Puzzle Solution

In Chapter 8 you find yourself chasing after Ashley, who has recently taken over the Plagas momentarily and attacked you.

After regaining her control, she scurries away and you follow her until you find yourself in front of the Crimson Lantern Puzzle.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Crimson Flame Puzzle

The Crimson Lantern Puzzle has a note nearby saying that you need to consign the Crimson Flame to its rightful place.

How To Solve The Crimson Lantern Puzzle?Leon find the Zealot is carrying a lantern in the next room

If you noticed, the Crimson Lantern Puzzle is missing another lantern and this is being carried by the Zealot that is in the next room.

This fight can be a bit challenging because he can cause some of the enemies to turn into Plaga enemies and may cause you to become staggered with a deafening sound.

You will need to kill the Zealot to make him drop the lantern, which is the Crimson Flame that is needed to solve the puzzle.

Leon is fighting with the Zealot

During the fight, you will be attacked by numerous villagers and some of these will turn into Plagas, even the ones that can bite your head off clean.

There is also a lever on the second floor that you can pull that releases a chandelier, which can kill enemies that are under it.

You should aim to kill the Zealot as soon as you can to stop him from forcing the other ones to mutate, making it easier to clear them up.

Crimson Lantern Puzzle SolutionLeon kills the the Zealot and brings back a lantern to place it in the hand of one of the statues

Once the Zealot with the staff has been killed, you can pick up the lantern (key item) and will need to bring it back to the puzzle.

Interact with the puzzle and you will be able to select the Crimson Lantern, which will then be placed into the hand of one of the statues.

This will solve the Crimson Puzzle, triggering the gate to open up so you can continue searching for Ashely deeper within the castle.


The note near the Crimson Lantern Puzzle is pretty much a dead giveaway, especially when you see that the other statue is holding a lantern while the other has nothing.

When fighting the enemies, it is best to keep moving around or to camp in the previous room to kill the enemies one by one but be careful not to get cornered by the Plagas.

There will also be explosive barrels in the area, which you can lure enemies to blow them up when they are in the range of the barrel’s explosion.

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