RE4 Remake Lithographic Puzzle Solution

After you have previously done the Crimson Lantern Puzzle, you will have an encounter with Ada Wong in a room that has a puzzle inside of it.

This Lithographic Stone Puzzle appears to be a wall with four slots, which requires you to find the Lithographic Stone pieces and bring them back to place them in the right sockets.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Lithographic Stone Puzzle

This challenge may be a bit tricky for first-time players but by analyzing the images on the Lithographic Stones as well as the sockets on the door, you can figure out what goes where.

How To Solve Lithographic Puzzle?Lithographic Stone C

To solve the Lithographic Stone Puzzle, also known as the Bindery Puzzle you will first need to find all the missing pieces as there is already a piece in one of the sockets but 3 are still missing.

All 3 of the Lithographic Stones can be found in the same room, which makes it easy to get them in a couple of seconds by searching around you.

Once you have all the Lithographic Stones, you can bring them to the puzzle to insert them, which later on requires you to swap/rotate them to fit the right sockets.

You will need to check the image on each of the Lithographic Stones and make sure they match the slots that have a marking on them, specifically the symbol and the shape around them.

All Lithographic Stone LocationsLeon finds the missing Lithographic Stones in the same room

All of the Lithographic Stones are in the same room and you can find all 3 of them nearby each other by simply moving along the walk.

The following is where each of the Lithographic Stones can be found:

  • Lithographic Stone A – Already placed inside a puzzle socket
  • Lithographic Stone B – On the bookcase next to the puzzle
  • Lithographic Stone C – Near the entrance of the Lithographic Stone Puzzle room
  • Lithographic Stone D – Inside the glass case in the corner (you need to break the glass)

Lithographic Stone SolutionLeon completes the Lithographic Stones Puzzle by inserting the missing the stones

Some of the markings will be erased already but for the others, you can make them out easily, so go ahead and place the obvious ones and the rest can be figured out.

The following are the Lithographic Stone symbols and what slots they need to be placed in:

  • Red shield with square border (Top)
  • Red Helmet with hexagon border (Left)
  • Blue Sword with square border (Right)
  • Blue breastplate with hexagon border (Bottom)

After all the Lithographic Stones have been placed properly, the puzzle will be solved and the door will open up, allowing you to proceed.


While the Crimson Lantern Puzzle may have been more battle-oriented, the Lithographic Stone Puzzle is more of a logical challenge.

The only thing that makes it difficult is not being able to see the other 2 symbols, but these shapes are partially visible on the bottom and left, allowing you to guess them.

Once you are through with this puzzle, you can continue pursuing Ashley but it’s best to be ready as a surprise awaits you later on during the chapter.

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