RE4 Remake Mausoleum Puzzle Solution

Once Ashley has found her way a bit through part of the castle in Chapter 9, she stumbles upon a mausoleum that is locked by a gate.

It appears as if there are lamps placed around it and one is missing a lamp, which she just happens to have with her.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Mausoleum Door Puzzle

To find a way to save Leon, who has been ambushed, Ashley will need to solve the Mausoleum Door Puzzle or Mausoleum Puzzle to proceed further.

How To Solve Mausoleum Puzzle?Ashley reaches mausoleum with the third lamp

Once you reach the mausoleum, you will see there are three parts where a lamp can be placed and there are 2 that already have one.

Ashley will be holding the third lamp and this means that she will need to leave it behind sooner or later to solve the puzzle.

You will notice that each of the lamps is pointed to a symbol on the mausoleum and the lamps themselves have symbols as well.

Ashley places a lamp which she had in the missing part

Yes, placing a lamp, you will notice that it shines a light on a certain spot that has the symbols, which is a hint that these need to be matched.

By checking each symbol on the lamp you are holding, you will know which part to place it in, making it necessary to swap some of them around.

Ashley can place one lamp and pick up another or swap lamps if she is already holding one and needs to place the one she is holding.

 Mausoleum Puzzle SolutionAshley solves the Mausoleum Door Puzzle

In total there are 3 lamps that each have symbols and these match the parts on the mausoleum, which is a clue to solving the puzzle.

If you place the first lamp down in the wrong place, there is no need to worry as you can pick them up and swap them later.

The best way to finish this quickly is to look at what lamp you are holding and to bring it to the right slots, which you will repeat for the other 2 to solve the puzzle.


The mausoleum puzzle is a bit easier than Ashley’s previous puzzle and can be completed quickly for her to get the Salazar Family Insignia.

She will be using it later to open up the way to get to Leon but things will not be so easy with all the knights (filled with parasites) walking around trying to kill her.

Keep in mind that once you solve the Mausoleum Puzzle, Ashley will no longer have a lamp to protect her from her attackers.

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