RE4 Remake Dining Room Puzzle Solution

Resident Evil 4 Remake Dining Room Puzzle

While searching for the Statue Heads for the grand hall, you come across the dining hall where the Serpent Head Puzzle, or Dining Room Table Puzzle, needs to be done.

This place is a neatly set up dining area that has two portraits in the back that Leon can look at, which show a person dining in each of them.

The Serpent Head is locked with bars and can’t be obtained and you will need to find out what needs to be done in the Dining Hall to remove them.

How To Solve Dining Room Puzzle?Leon is looking at the portraits of two persons which is located at the dining room

The two portraits of the Dining Hall are a clue to how you can solve the puzzle and you can see that the male is sitting in front of a dining set.

You will notice the female is sitting in front of another set, which means that they both represent a clue that helps solve the puzzle.

There are seats at the Dining Table that Leon and Ashley can sit in and once Leon rings a bell, Ashley will do the same.

Leon is trying to find out the chair in the dining room which looks like the one in the portrait

This means that you need to sit them both down and ring the correct bells, which will be able to solve the puzzle and give access to the Serpent Head.

The only problem is, there are 8 seats and only two of you but there are only 2 portraits as well, so Leon and Ashley only need to be seated in specific chairs.

Now that you know that Leon and Ashley need to be seated in chairs, you only have to figure out which ones and the hint is shown in the portraits.

Dining Room Puzzle Solutionthe Dining Room Puzzle is solved as both Leon and Ashely sits on the correct chairs in the dining hall

To solve this puzzle, go to each of the portraits and you will see what sets are in each of them, which is where you need to sit down.

Keep in mind that Ashley needs to be seated in the set with all white objects and 2 dining utensils on each side.

Leon, on the other hand, needs to be seated in front of a dining set with wine and bread with 3 utensils on each side.

In the image above, Ashley is seated in the right chair while Leon will need to sit on the chair to the very left at the end.

Once they are both seated, ring the bell and the puzzle will be solved, which will lower the bars blocking the Serpent Head, allowing you to take it.


This one may have been tricky at the start but thanks to the portraits at the end, finding the solution was possible.

Some of the dining sets appear to be similar which is why counting the utensils came into mind and later on it seems everything was different in certain ways.

Obtaining the Serpent Head is required for the puzzle in the Grand Hall, which requires the Goat Head and Lion Head as well.

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