RE4 Remake Ashley Clock Puzzle Solution

After solving the puzzle in the Grand Hall, Ashley and Leon are separated after the group of cultists ambush Leon, leaving Ashley to fend for herself.

She decides that instead of running and hiding, she will find a way to rescue Leon, which leads her on an adventure of her own.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Ashley Clock Puzzle in Chapter 9

During this part of Chapter 9, Ashley will come across what appears to be the Grand Clock Puzzle or what others simply refer to as the Clock Puzzle.

How To Solve Ashley Clock Puzzle?Hastily Written Note with a description

While exploring what appears to be a library section, you will come across a hastily written note that has a time written as 11:04 and the word clock on it.

The Clock Puzzle Professional Hastily Written Note will have a different description, which is “VIIXII” or 7:00 written on it as a clue.

By reading this, it looks like the time written down has something to do with a clock or the clock time, which is most likely the Grandfather Clock.

A note near the Grandfather Clock

A note that you find near the Grandfather Clock mentions that “The resting forebears answer to the chosen time” with the words chosen time being green.

If it was not already obvious, you need to set the time on the Grand Clock to whatever is written on the Hastily Written Note.

This can be done by interacting with the Grand Clock and rotating the hands to set the time to what is on the note that you have found.

Ashley Clock Puzzle SolutionAshley solves the clock puzzle by setting the correct time in the clock

Now that you have the time that is needed after reading the Hastily Written Note, you will now need to set the time to match it.

On Assisted and Standard, you will need to rotate the clock hands and set it to 11:04 but on Professional difficulty, it needs to be set to 7:00.

This will solve the puzzle, causing the Grandfather Clock to reveal a door that opens up, which allows Ashley to proceed.


With the Grandfather Clock Puzzle solved, Ashley can now make her way through the area and can continue searching for a way to save Leon.

This won’t be the first puzzle she has to solve though as another puzzle called the Mausoleum Puzzle will also need to be completed.

It’s a good thing Leon helped her find her courage because she’s going to need it since she is not alone in the area and danger lurks around every corner.

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