RE4 Remake Cubic Device (Location, Unlock & Uses)

If you have been going around the Castle and have noticed some treasures hidden behind a Square Lock Box with a slot for a cube-like object, you might be wondering what you need to open it.

Opening the Square Lock Boxes requires that you have the Cubic Device, which is a key item that can be inserted from different angles to unlock them.

To open up the Square Lock Boxes, you will first need to get this device, which can be found somewhere in the Castle.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Cubic Device

How To Get Cubic Device?Leon finds the Cubic Device in a chest near the Armory

The Cubic Device can be found in a chest near the Armory and it’s impossible to miss it as this will be the only route you can take back to the Grand Hall.

Once you have obtained the Lion Head Statue Piece from the Armory, you will need to fight the knights before being able to exit.

This is when you can make your way back to the Grand Hall but before that happens, you will run into the chest at the end before making a turn to your left.

Cubic Device LocationCubic Device Location

The path to the Armory from the Grand Hall on the first floor is locked, which sets you off to access the Armory by going to the second floor.

After the fight with the knights in the Armory, you will be on the first floor and will be able to grab the Cubic Device and unlock the previously locked door.

This will now allow you to go back to the Grand Hall and even return to the previous parts to go back for one of the Square Lock Boxes.

Cubic Device UsesLeon is using Cubic Device to unlock the square lock boxes in the game

The Cubic Device can be used to unlock Square Lock Boxes, which can be found around the Castle as you make your way through some of the chapters.

To open up a Square Lock Box, you will need to interact with it, which brings up a screen where you need to adjust the Cubic Device to fight the lock.

Once you have fitted the Cubic Device correctly, the Square Lock Box will be unlocked and you will be able to take the treasure inside.

The Cubic Device can later be sold to the Merchant after you have left the Castle for 4,000 Pesetas as it will no longer be needed.

All Square Lock Box Locations

There are a total of 5 Square Lock Boxes that you can open with the Cubic Device in the main story and 4 of them have treasures while another has a powerful rifle.

Square Lock Box Location

Audience ChamberJustitia Statue


Merchant Room in Grand Hall

Butterfly Lamp6,000
Hidden Floor LibraryCQBR Assault Rifle


Between Grand Hall and Library

Golden Lynx15,000
Throne RoomGold Chicken Egg



Getting the Cubic Device can be a real boost when playing through the main story because you can get a lot of treasure and not to mention the CQBR Assault Rifle.

At first, you won’t be able to unlock the Square Lock Boxes when you first reach the Castle, but there is no need to worry because you can backtrack anytime once you get the Cubic Device.

Make sure that you unlock all the Square Lock Boxes before proceeding to the Island because once you are out of there, you can’t go back.

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